Burlington’s Little Free Libraries

Just over a year ago I stumbled across the Little Free Library Instagram account and immediately followed it. By clicking through their website, I learned what a “little free library” was and their ultimate goal:

“To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.”

How can you not be in love with a free, grass-roots idea looking to improve the well-being of all citizens? Clearly, I’m smitten. Another click led me to their Little Free Library map, which shows over 36,000 libraries internationally! I was pleased to see our book-loving city of Burlington was home to 3 registered Little Free Libraries, although I’ve seen others that aren’t registered.


My kids loved the idea when I told them about a roadside lending library for the community, so we each picked out a few loved-but-done-with books and we headed out to meet these Little Free Libraries in person. *This info is all listed on the LFL website, so I’m not sharing addresses that aren’t wanting to be shared. After all, these lovely folks built and stocked a Little Free Library to share with our community!


Library #1: Burlington’s First Little Free Library 343 Rankin Drive (Walkers Line and New Street)

Rankin - 1st One
Photo courtesy of InsideHalton

Stop #2: 2103 Salma Crescent (Walkers Live and Upper Middle)



Destination #3: 2097 Newell Crescent (Upper Middle and Appleby)



Stop #4 Corner of Elm Street and Goodram (Roseland Area) – two Little Free Libraries!



Library #5 Tansley United Church

Little Free Library Burlington Tansley United CHurch


Library #6 – Centennial Drive (Guelph Line and Upper Middle area) – Love this Little Free Library, and the orange tabby who greets visitors!

Little Free Library Burlington


Location #7 – 1327 Janina Boulevard (Brant Street and Ester Drive area)

Little Free Library Burlington
This little free library also accepts CDs and DVDs!


This weekend, grab a few books you’ve read and re-read, and share them with your neighbours. And take the kids! Not only is this a great learning opportunity (sharing, community, etc.) it’s a great way to rekindle their love of reading.


Share your Little Free Library below in the comments and we’ll sure to add it, and stop in for a visit too!


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6 thoughts on “Burlington’s Little Free Libraries”

  1. Catherine Brady

    The Rotary Club of Burlington Central built and sponsored several libraries here in Burlington.One is at 838 Eagle Dr. in Aldershot and another at 550 Hurd Ave. in the core. The others were auctioned off at our Lakeside a la Carte fundraiser and I’m not sure where they ended up.
    I love watching people come to mine on Eagle!

  2. There’s one on Centennial Dr., just north of Mainway off Guelph Line. The little library is built like a large birdhouse atop a tree stump in someone’s front yard – I don’t remember the house number, but it’s about 100 m east from Guelph Line.

  3. Kathy Gilbert

    Thank you for visiting our LFL (Stop #3). We just installed it the end of April. Hoping your blog will send us some new visitors. We want everyone in our community to enjoy it.

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