3 Indoor Treasure Hunts For Every Age

If you have the kids indoor today, don’t stress! We can help you keep them busy and engaged with these 3 printable indoor scavenger hunts. Recruit a big sibling to help run this adventure, or help a new reader follow the hunt on their own. No matter how you execute these hunts, they will help keep boredom at bay.

When the weather won’t cooperate or you’re looking for some indoor fun, indoor scavenger hunts for kids are the perfect solution! These creative and interactive games not only keep the little ones entertained for hours, but also foster teamwork, problem-solving skills, and imagination. From simple picture hunts for toddlers to elaborate clue-based quests for older kids, the possibilities are endless.

Gather some everyday items, create a list of clues, and let the adventure begin! Whether it’s a rainy day or a playdate, indoor scavenger hunts guarantee giggles, excitement, and cherished memories for the whole family.

Looking for inspiration to create your own indoor scavenger hunt? Scroll down to the bottom of this article and find our top tips for crafting your own hunt with your kids in mind. It’s easy and fun, and can even be educational. Perfect for a P.A. Day or homeschooling!

Have More Fun At Home

Unleash the Adventurous Spirits: Indoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids!

This first hunt asks kids to find a common item but with a twist. You’re not just looking for socks, it must be a pair of matching socks. We love keeping kids on their toes with these scavenger hunt ideas!

indoor scavenger hunts for kids coronavirus social distancing

Bigger Kids, Harder Hunting

Those middle size kids will find this one just challenging enough. They need to use their senses to hunt for the right item to match the list.

indoor scavenger hunts for kids coronavirus social distancing

Treasure Hunt For Big Kids

These scavenger hunt ideas will get your kids thinking critically and logically. This list is open-ended, meaning not item specific, and encourages your kids to find items that match the description. We love when play includes some sneaky learning.

indoor scavenger hunts for kids coronavirus social distancing

5 Tips For Making Your Own Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Creating an indoor treasure hunt for kids can be an exciting and engaging activity. Here are five tips to make the treasure hunt fun and successful:

  1. Plan a Theme: Choose a theme for the treasure hunt. It could be pirates seeking hidden treasure, detectives solving a mystery, or explorers on a mission. Align the theme with your kids’ interests to make it more engaging.
  2. Design Clues or Riddles: Craft a series of clues or riddles that lead from one to the next and eventually to the treasure. Tailor the difficulty of the clues to suit the ages and abilities of your kids. You can incorporate simple puzzles, wordplay, or images to make it more interesting.
  3. Set Up the Hunt Area: Determine the area where the treasure hunt will take place. It could be different rooms in the house or specific locations within a room. Hide the clues strategically, making them challenging but accessible. Consider places that are safe and suitable for the age of the children participating.
  4. Include Challenges and Activities: Introduce mini-games or challenges along the way. For instance, a task could be to hop like a bunny for 30 seconds or answer a riddle correctly to get the next clue. These activities add variety and fun to the hunt.
  5. Prepare a Reward: The treasure at the end could be a small prize, a collection of treats, or even a fun activity the kids enjoy. It’s the “treasure” that adds the excitement and sense of accomplishment to the hunt.

Bonus tip: Consider involving a mix of family members to participate in the treasure hunt or to assist younger children. This can make the activity more enjoyable and foster a sense of teamwork and shared fun.

Remember, the goal is to make the indoor treasure hunt an entertaining and memorable experience for the kids. Be creative, consider their interests, and tailor the difficulty level to ensure everyone has a great time!

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