15 Local Toboggan Hills: Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville

Fresh snow is on the ground and I bet you’re asking yourself “Are there any tobogganing hills near me?”. There definitely are! This list will be very handy this winter anytime you are looking for a place to toboggan Burlington Hamilton.

Tobogganing is one of the easiest and cheapest winter activities to keep kids entertained on a snowy day. Grab a sled and your snow pants and use our list to find a tobogganing hill in Hamilton and Burlington to visit. We like to choose a new hill each time so we can compare and see which is the best!

These 11 toboggan hills are the city-approved sledding hills in Burlington and Hamilton because the city inspected these locations and determined them to be safest for sledding. Always watch the hills and make sure they’re clear to sled on.

Tobogganing is a Canadian winter pastime that almost makes our frigid winters bearable. While it may look like any hill will work, choose a tobogganing hill that is city-approved as you know it’s a safer alternative to other hills. Get bundled up, and bring your helmets, because you can never be too safe. Here are the designated hills to toboggan near Burlington and Hamilton.

Kids at the top of Central Park toboggan hill in Burlington
Central Park is one of the tobogganing hills in Burlington

City-Approved Toboggan Hills in Burlington

  • LaSalle Park, at the east of the parking lot. There are 2 tobogganing hills at LaSalle. We like the wide and shorter one as the walk up is easier and the width means less trees to have to maneuver between.
  • Tyandaga Golf Course, at hole No. 4, on the west slope
  • Central Park, the hill northwest of Community Garden. This is a popular spot for us. I like that there is a long flat runoff at the bottom of the hill, with no obstructions. Lots of parking as well.
  • Brant Hills Park and Community Centre, southwest of the tennis courts.
  • Nelson Park, east side of the park, north of Centennial Bike Path
  • Lowville Park, the hill on the southwest end of the park. This hill is very tall and very fast. My young teens went and enjoyed it, but I would be extra cautious with younger ones on the hill.

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City-Approved Hills For Tobogganing in Hamilton

  • Garth and Stone Church Reservoir – 1515 Garth Street, Hamilton – Hill details: Northeast corner, Southern side (East of the parking lot)
  • King’s Forest Golf Course – 100 Greenhill Avenue, Hamilton – Hill details: Hole #9 – in front of the 9th green
  • Waterdown Memorial Park – 200 Hamilton Street, Waterdown – Hill details: Northeast corner, West of baseball diamond #3. This i s a popular sledding spot for all ages. Bring your ice skates and enjoy the skating rink loop, too.
  • Chedoke Golf Course Martin Course – 563 Aberdeen Avenue, Hamilton – Hill details: Martin Course, Hole #10- Tee
  • Dundas Driving Park – 71 Cross Street, Dundas – Hill details: Between the former Parkside Public School and the Dundas Driving Park. Another popular hill for families to enjoy.

The Town of Oakville website didn’t have info on toboggan hills, so it better to assume these locations are city-maintained. I’ve never been to any of these hills, so if you see something unsafe, I would love to know about it. And if you have a location to add/remove, give me a shout anytime. Safety first, always!

  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park – 1219 Burloak Drive, Oakville – Day admission required, but worth it because there is a ton to do (plus washrooms!)
  • Old Abbey Lane Park – 1110 Old Abbey Lane, Oakville – Details: there are 3 hills beside Abbey Lane Public School
  • Oxford Avenue & Upper Middle Road – Southeast corner of the intersection – this is a smaller hill that is great for little ones.
  • Appleby College – 540 Lakeshore Road West – apparently, kids have been sledding here for many years, have you been?

toboggan safely

Here are a few tips to play safely while tobogganing in Burlington and Hamilton.

  • Toboggan during daylight hours, not when it is dark.
  • Toboggan when the hill is snow-covered, not when it is icy or bare.
  • Check the hill and make sure it is free of obstacles and toboggan in the designated area.
  • Wear a helmet designed for winter sports.
  • Use a toboggan that is in good shape and has brakes and steering.
  • Avoid wearing scarves or any clothing that could get caught in a toboggan and cause injury.
  • Always sit down and face-forward on a toboggan.
  • Do not build jumps or other obstacles on the toboggan hill.
  • Walk up the side of the hill and leave the middle open for others coming down the hill.
  • If you fall off of your toboggan, move out of the way to avoid being hit.

Reminder, visiting these sledding hills near me is an activity that you do at your own risk. The city, nor Active Parents, is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to your personal items.

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