The 5 Coolest Skate Parks in Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is home to five skate parks, spread throughout the town. They vary in size and style, but all pack a punch of fun and exercise for kids on wheels. We have details on what each one offers so you can choose the coolest one for your little thrashers.

Shell park

Located at 3307 Lakeshore Road West

By far our favourite Oakville skate park, Shell Park is one of the biggest around. It’s frequented by skaters and bikers of all ages and abilities. It’s 14,000 square feet and almost all of it is covered in graffiti, which makes it super appealing to its fans. It has over 26 ramps, plus stars and rails. Ample parking is available here.

oakville skate park shell park
Shell Skate Park in Oakville, Ontario

George Savage Park

Located at 3200 George Savage Avenue.
Adjacent to Oodenawi Public School.

The George Savage Park facility offers a 3,800-square-foot park and includes a quarter pipe, flat ledge, flat bar, rooftop wedge to wedge and rooftop ledge, manual box and out-ledge combination, and cantilevered turnaround banks.

William Rose Park

Located at 455 Wheat Boom Drive

This park is home to a small skate bowl, perfect for beginners and kids looking to avoid crowds. Street parking only.

Glen Abbey Park

Located at Glen Abbey Community Centre, 1415 Third Line.

The Glen Abbey facility offers a 3,500-square-foot park built on a concrete pad and includes several ramps, grind rails, a planter, a grind box and a jersey barrier.

Glenashton Park

Located at Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, 1051 Glenashton Drive

The Glenashton facility offers a 3,500-square-foot park built on a concrete pad and includes several ramps, a mini half pipe, a planter, a kinked grind rail, a grind box and stairs.

from the town of Oakville

Helmets must be worn. Additional personal protective equipment such as wrist guards, elbow pads and kneepads are recommended. The use of BMX or mountain bikes is prohibited.

Outdoor skateboard parks are open from 9 a.m. to dusk.

Visitors are encouraged to bring reusable or biodegradable containers to the park rather than plastic – if using plastic, please make use of the appropriate recycling container or take them home with you to dispose of in your blue bin.

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