Our Favourite Family Board Games

I am a huge fan of family board games, and during the next few weeks I know we are going to be playing a lot of them! I get asked for recommendation all the time, and here they are!


Board Games For The Littlest Ones

Candyland is a classic, and we still own it because everyone can play when little friends come to visit.

Suspend is new to us and we already love it. No reading needed, just a steady hand!

Connect 4 Shots is a cross between original Connect 4 and basketball! Addison’s top-rated game currently

Peaceable Kingdom makes a ton of cooperative games, where kids work together on a common goal. We loved Gnomes At Night and The Sneaky, Snacky  Squirrel Game.

Boggle and Boggle Jr. are great ways to sneak in learning. Make words from scrambled letters, even for new readers.

Left Center Right is the one game we always pack! It’s a high stakes game of dice, and we even swap out the chips for candy!



Board Games for the Whole Family (Kids 8+)

My favourite family board game is Qwirkle because anyone can play. It basically connecting colours and shapes, and the more you play, the more strategic it becomes! It’s always my first request to play.

Flash was a Christmas gift this year and it’s so much fun. Think of it as speed Yahtzee! Lots of laughs every time we play.

Ticket to Ride took us a while to buy because it’s a little pricey, but it’s truly one of those “forever games” that you will play for years and years. Plus, they have a UK version, kids version, and other varieties.

Sculpt It! by Cranium is tactile and creative fun, and you’ll definitely learn who isn’t very artistic (sorry Dad!)

Blokus is a strategy game that will remind of you of head-to-head Tetris. It’s a top-rated family board game for a reason!


Games for Tweens, Teens and Grown-Ups

Codenames is a new fave family board game. It comes in a few varieties (standard version, Harry Potter, Disney for Kids) and it’s a great way to test your secret language skills!

Pandemic is an awesome game, even if the timing isn’t right. The skill level and excited is increased, and tweens and teens will love game night with the fam once again.

Apples To Apples is always a great way to cook up some hilarity, and to watch my kids faces at some of the cards!

You can’t be Uno, and while it’s not technically a family board game, it’s a classic card game for a reason. Or teach the teens to play Cribbage or Euchre. Not learning these essential university games has always haunted me!


I love a new family board game recommendation, so please share one in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out dozens of other ways to stay entertained while staying home and staying safe. We are sharing our top ideas for indoor things to do, or write to an international pen pals, and be sure to read the list of our top-rated crafts and activities.


*the links I’ve provided are affiliate links, so if you chose to purchase one of these games, I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything extra. This is one way I am able to keep Active Parents free for everyone. Have fun!



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