LaSalle Park in Burlington – You Gotta Go Here

LaSalle Park in Burlington’s west end is one of our favourite parks to visit. It’s got an upgraded playground that kids love, vast amounts of green space and of course, easy access to the marina and waterfront. Come with us as we take a tour. 

One of burlington’s best playgrounds

We asked local parents where their kids loved to play and lots of you answered LaSalle Park in Burlington. We agree! It’s one of the best parks in Burlington. It really does have it all, and can boast that it has something for everyone to enjoy while visiting. 

The playground was recently updated and the bright colours and ample climbing opportunities make it a big attraction for the kids. The design resembles a colourful treehouse with its hollow log climbing pieces and its balance logs. 

LaSalle Park also has swings and slides, monkey bars and climbers. But many kids would say the coolest part of the playground is the purple kid-powered merry-go-round.

LaSalle park forest, Marina and lakefront boardwalk

Be sure to take time to wander over to the LaSalle Marina. It’s lovely anytime of year, but particularly beautiful in the spring and summer when sailboats are out and birds are a-plenty. Expect to see ducks, geese, seagulls, and the famous Trumpeter Swans. Look for chipmunks and small birds who will eat out of your hand or from the adorable birdhouses that line the boardwalk. 

The boardwalk at LaSalle Park in Burlington is accessible from both the east and west sides of the park space, and is stroller-friendly. The waterfront is large-grain sand (is that a thing?) but be warned that the geese and swans can be territorial, especially during mating and nesting season. Bring your camera because the Trumpeter Swans are beautiful. 

The woods that divide the playground from the waterfront are an exciting place to escape to nature locally. In seconds you’re deep in the forest with massive trees, logs to climb on and stumps to investigate. The paths are smooth thanks to lots of walkers, and the trails are even stroller-friendly. 

lasalle park amenities

So much to offer! We barely scratched the surface, but here is everything you can expect to see, play and experience on your next visit to LaSalle Park in Burlington.

  • Playground with swings, slides, merry-go-round, glider, climbers, monkey bars and more.
  • Bocce ball court, baseball diamond and large fields for ball play and kite flying.
  • Wooded area, with lots of shade.
  • Mature trees, dozens of picnic tables and ample parking.
  • Washrooms and a water fountain (closed due to COVID)
  • Wading pool (paid) during the summer months.
  • Tobogganing hill during the winter.

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