Easy Crafts and Experiments For Kids

PA Day, weekend or a rainy day – no matter the reason, we have 5 easy experiments and messy crafts you can do with your kids! These simple activities can be done with things you (probably) already have around the house. The hands-on fun double as educational, but don’t tell the kids! Let’s go!

Slime Volcano

This is such a great experiment because it combines two of my favourite experiments, slime and volcanos,  into one awesome one.


  1. Baking Soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Water
  4. Glue
  5. Food Color
  6. Contact Solution (re-nu brand works best)
  7. 2 containers for the mixtures and 1 large  container to hold the eruption.

How to do it!

  1. Make the slime base by combing ¼ cup white glue,  2 tbs baking soda, food color and 2 tbs water. Mix together
  2. In another container make the activator using ½ cup vinegar, 2 tbs contact solution and food color.
  3. Put the base mixture (in its container) inside the large container.
  4. Slowly add the activator and stir to start the eruption.
  5. Once the eruption is done stir the mixture for a minute to make sure it is fully combined
  6. Remove your slime and enjoy!

Check out the video to see the Slime Volcano come to life!

Candy Rainbow

This experiment is so easy and fun and there are so many different ways to do it! It’s also a great way to use some candy you’ve had around the house for a while!


  1. Candy with a colorful shell (Skittles or M&Ms work best)
  2. Warm Water
  3. A small plate with a bit of a rim

How to do it!

  1. Make a circle around the edge of your plate using your candy. You can do the colors in whatever order you like but the more variety the better the looks.
  2. Pour the warm water over the candy and wait for a moment.
  3. Watch your rainbow appear!

Check out the video to see the rainbow in action!

Shaving Cream Art

This is a great activity that will give your child some really cool art and a fun sensory experience! There is no wrong way to make shaving cream art which is what makes it so great.


  1. Shaving Cream
  2. Paint
  3. Finger painting Paper
  4. A deep rectangular container
  5. A stick/chopstick/knife/closed marker, something to make your pattern

How to do it!

  1. Start by filling your container with  shaving cream
  2. Add blobs of paint around the shaving cream
  3. Use your stick to create a design
  4. Place your finger painting paper on top and press
  5. Remove it and either scrape of the shaving cream or let it dry with the shaving cream still on
  6. Keep repeating until you aren’t getting a great design anymore
  7. Play with the shaving cream!

Check out the video for all the instructions!

Dry Erase Race

This is such a fun game that you can play again and again, you can even get creative with what you are racing!


  1. A deep glass container (like a baking dish)
  2. At least 2 DRY ERASE markers of different colors
  3. A piece of white paper or paper towel
  4. Something to use as a finish line.
  5. A container with water.
  6. Straws


  1. Put your glass container on top of the paper towel and finish line.
  2. Draw a different colored circle for everyone racer using the dry erase markers. 
  3. Slowly add enough water to loosen the dots so they are free floating and there is a small amount of water in the container
  4. Use the straws to blow your dots towards the finish line, first to the end wins!
  5. Empty the water, dry out the container and start again!

Check out how to play here!

Super Simple Paint Rainbow

If you have paint and a large piece of paper give this simple rainbow trick a try!


  1. A large piece of paper (finger painting paper works create)
  2. Four + colors of paint
  3. A used paper towel roll

How to do it!

  1. Put 4 blobs of paint in a row on the left side of the paper.
  2. Place the paper towel roll in the middle of the paper with one side sitting in the paint
  3. Press firmly into the paint to make sure you get it on the roll.
  4. Hold the paper towel roll by the end that is in the centre of the paper
  5. Use your other hand to slowly spin the paper towel roll creating a rainbow.
  6. Have fun painting and decorating around your rainbow!

Check out the video to see how it works!

I hope you have a great March Break and enjoy some of these easy and fun activities with your kids! 

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