Free Summer Fun: 26 Ways to Have Fun For Free

Every year we put together this great list of free summer activities and fun ideas because I love filling our summers with a ton of activities, but that doesn’t mean I want to go broke doing it! Here are 26 ways to spend your time without spending a penny!


Free Summer Fun in the Outdoors

Splash pads in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton are open and always free!

Walk! We have 5 ways to make it less boring here

Learn how to throw a frisbee, fly a kite or skip rocks

Sidewalk chalk a mini-masterpiece like these or leave a chalk greeting at the mailbox

Spend the day at a free beach! We’ve got a list of local beaches here and out fave is free!

Take a hike – literally! We have a list of the best hiking spots here

Birdwatch at Burlington’s Cherry Hill Gate where the birds will eat birdseed out of the palm of your hand!

Creek walk at one of our favourite spots

Ride your bike or scooter or skateboard at one of these great skate parks in Burlington and Oakville


Stay Home and Have Fun

Reserve a book at the library. They’re offering free curbside pick-ups!

Join the Summer Reading Progam at your local library

Have a family game night! We’ve put together our favourite board games here for you

Done with that game already? Swap board games with your friends and extended family members

Water fights are such a great way to cool off and stay 2 metres apart.

Teach the kids a new card game like Spoons or 52 Card Pick Up 😉

Leave a book or take a book from your local Little Free Library. We have 100 in the GHA, and you can find one here.


Do Something for Someone Else

Send a letter or email to a family member

Leave a secret letter on your friend’s porch or in their mailbox

Bake some cookies for a friend or neighbour or me 😉

Mow someone’s lawn or bring their bins up from the curb on garbage day

Keep the kids moving and searching with our indoor scavenger hunts


Get Close and Cozy

Have a picnic for lunch or dinner – indoors or outdoors – it’s always a great way to mix it up

Plan a spa day complete with hair and nails and a foot bath for those tootsies!

Build a fort and watch a movie together

Ask your kids these “Would You Rather” questions or these “Get To Know You” questions



Need more inspiration for free summer activities? You got it!

Check out our 2019 Summer Bucket List, or our Summer Fun Challenge on Facebook.

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would you rather questions for kids