Treetop Trekking Hamilton – Fun in the Forest

Hamilton is home to outdoor activities for kids and adults that you will love! Treetop Trekking in Hamilton offers fresh air activity and this is the perfect opportunity for kids to impress themselves with their skill and bravery!

Kinga and her children make a plan to visit multiple times. Each time they go, it’s better than the time before, so we asked her to tell us all about one of their favourite outdoor things to do in Hamilton: Treetop Trekking Hamilton, located at Binbrook Conservation Area.

What ages will enjoy Treetop Trekking?

Anyone from 0 to 100! If you can walk confidently, then you will have lots of fun here. My youngest just turned 5, and because of her age, we gravitate towards the Treewalk Village. It is open to all ages and is ideal for ages 3-7. 

But that’s not all they offer for climbing fun! When you visit with your group, you will find various ropes courses with varying degrees of difficulty to challenge everyone. Kids from every age group will love their time spent in the trees. Don’t be surprised when they want to go back again and again!

Treewalk Village

The treewalk village treehouses at Treetop Trekking Hamilton are super fun! As long as a kiddo can walk they would fully enjoy it! Parents can get in on the fun alongside their kids. Treewalk Village is an exciting outdoor activity for everyone.

Everything at this Hamilton ropes course is netted in so that kids can’t fall out and there are 3 slides they can slide down on or they can walk back down. There is also a little obstacle course that’s on the ground they can test out. 

child in red coat exploring the tree walk village at Treetop Trekking Hamilton
children looking up the tube slide at Treetop Trekking Hamilton

Discovery Kids Course

Looking for a fun and a little more adventurous activity for young kids? The Discovery Courses are just what you are looking for! This activity is made for kids aged 5 to 8 that are also over 45″ tall. For this one, you only pay for the child and you can walk beside them as they do the whole course, it’s a bit higher off the ground than the one in the Treewalk Village but they would be fully harnessed in so no worries needed. 

This junior aerial course is filled with wood bridges, balance logs, netted walkways, mini zip lines, and much more. All of the equipment and challenges are suspended 3-5 ft off the ground. Kids wear helmets for protection.

Zipline and Aerial Game trek at Treetop Trekking

Kids over 9, tweens, teens and adults must try the ziplines and aerial games while at Treetop Trekking Hamilton. What a great way to spend the day in nature, while also challenging yourself to a fun activity. No skill is required, and no experience is necessary. The entire experience is 3 hours in length and takes you through the forest via ziplines, suspension bridges, balance logs and even a Tarzan swing!

This fun activity is suitable for a wide range of visitors. Tree top Trekking Hamilton doesn’t need you t be experienced. The courses challenge your strength, balance and courage, in a safe environment. All of your necessary equipment is provided, so what are you waiting for? Book your visit today!

Little child walking through treetop trekking in hamilton

How much does it cost to go to Treetop Trekking Hamilton?

Treetop Trekking Hamilton is a popular place to visit, so pre-booking is definitely recommended for all visitors. Click here to book your visit. Pricing depends on age and which course(s) you’ll be doing. Here is a breakdown:

Treewalk Village – approx. 2 hours; requires 1 adult and 1+ children. Ages 3-17 are $22 and 18+ is $10 each.

Discover Courses – each child ages 5-8 is $27, no adult admission is required.

Zipline and Aerial Game Trek – for kids 9 to 11 years old who exceed 55 inches tall $49, plus an adult to accompany them $67. Teens 12-15 years old are $57 each, and everyone 16 and older is $67 per person. There’s also a family rate for families of 4 or more with at least 2 who are 16+. Save $5 – $8 per ticket this way.

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