Park Profile: Lowville Park in Burlington

The amount of fun, fresh air and family time you can get from a visit to Lowville Park in Burlington is limitless! Here are all the reasons we love it.

Parks have just as much fun to offer in winter as they do in summer, and Lowville is no exception! The playground, toboganning hill, creek, walking paths and more are all reasons to visit today. 


Lowville Park Has So Much to Offer Families

Lowville is a favourite destination of ours because it truly is an all-season park. We love to visit in the spring and summer because the immense trees provide ample shade throughout the park, which is perfect for my easy-burn skin. Their shade is the ideal spot for a picnic, cloud watching, or just setting up a family base camp for your day of adventure.


The number 1 reason that we love Lowville Park is that 50 kilometres of Bronte Creek flows through the park and its beautiful features. The water is cool and clean, and the amount of unplanned education we get when we get to go on creek walks and turn over rocks is amazing. Nothing beats nature and fresh air to make learning so easy.  We like to bring buckets and a minnow net to see what creatures we can capture to study. We have found that a white bucket works best for this, but any colour will do. Catch and release, unharmed is the name of the game.


Lowville Park Reservation service


What Else Does Lowville Park Have To Offer?


In addition to the water play in Bronte Creek, make sure you bring your favourite sports equipment because the grassy fields run for miles. Soccer, a baseball and some gloves, frisbee, Wiffle ball, whatever you love! It’s a perfect destination to socially distance without worry. There are trails and paths that offer some great exploring, no matter your age or ability. All-terrain strollers and wagons can make simple work of the paths. Don’t forget the insect repellant if you’re planning on a walk along the trails. When you’re done fishing for minnows and crayfish, turn those nets into butterfly nets!

Lowville Park

Be sure to explore as much of the grounds as you have time for, you’ll love what you find. Ther is an old stone schoolhouse that is just timeless in its beauty and simplicity. We shared this monolithic staircase photo on our Instagram and everyone immediately knew where it was.


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A Few Tips for Your Visit to Lowville Park

  • Washrooms are open and available at Lowville Park, but water fountains are not available so bring your reusable water bottle with you to stay hydrated.
  • Bring your bug spray if you plan to wander the paths in summer.
  • Take a ton of photos. This is one of Burlington’s most sought-after photography locations for a reason! Especially in the fall.
  • Pack a picnic, there are various spots to set up and enjoy

During off season month (fall and winter) you DO NOT need to book a reservation for Lowville Park. 


How to Reserve Your Time Slot at Lowville Park

  1. Click here
  2. Choose your time slot and enter your name and license plate.
  3. You’re done!

This is ONLY required for spring and summer months. 

Lowville Schoolhouse Burlington Historical Society, Muriel Goodbrand
Lowville Schoolhouse, courtesy of the Burlington Historical Society, Muriel Goodbrand, BPL.




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