Playtown Niagara Is A Pint-Sized Imagination Space

Playtown in St. Catharines is a super fun destination for kids who love pretend play and using their imaginations to the max! Esther and her daughters visited and here’s what they experienced.

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Do your kids love to pretend play? If they do, Playtown Niagara is the perfect place for you to visit! 

This week, I took all four of my girls to Playtown, technically located in St. Catharines. Our first visit was a hit with my kids – ages 7, 6, 3, and 1. We met some friends there, stayed for two full hours, and my kids would only leave with promises to return.

ice cream truck and rocket ship slide at playtown niagara in st. catharines

shuttle and slide in the play section

After signing in, we took off our shoes and coats in their big walk-in closet and then headed through an alarmed door into a small cafe. The alarmed door is great to make sure little ones can’t sneak away like ninjas in the night! While there was no food or drink available for purchase, we were allowed to bring any of our own along. I dropped off our things on one of the tables, while my kids ran to explore. Before I knew it, I had no idea where they had gone, however, the security monitors in the cafe displayed each section clearly and it was easy to see which areas my kids had gravitated towards.

Imaginations Can Run Wild At Playtown in St. Catharines

The big room is split into different playhouses. There is an auto shop (pictured above) in addition to a diner, a grocery store, a theatre, a salon, an animal hospital, a raceway, and even a home! Along with this, in the middle of the big room, the kids can run and play with a space shuttle, a fire truck, and an ice cream truck. It was so fun watching where my kids picked to play, and how they used their imaginations in various ways. An added bonus? I didn’t have to clean up after them! Likewise, I was also thankful for my one-year-old that we found a toddler area with toys perfect for her.

Where Is Playtown Niagara?

Playtown Niagara is located at 150 Dunkirk Road in St. Catharines. Visit their website at

How Much Is Admission To Playtown Niagara?

You can choose public play or private play. Prices, hours and restrictions change often, so check them out online here.

What Ages Will Enjoy Playtown?

Esther’s kids are ages 1 through 7 and their age group was perfect for Playtown in St. Catharines.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Playtown Niagara?

Playtown Niagara’s drop-in hours for public play change week to week because they host special events and birthday parties so it is important to check the website or their Facebook page before you head on over.

Can You Bring Food To Playtown?

I loved that my kids could stop and eat some snacks at any time and I am thankful my friend thought of bringing coffees from a nearby Starbucks. The closest restaurants are about a five-minute drive, and another mom had the grand idea of bringing Happy Meals for her kids to enjoy in between their playing. Unfortunately, the washrooms inside the playground were out of order, so we did have to head out the doors of ‘PlayTown’ when my kids needed to go to the washroom.

Is Playtown Baby- and Stroller-Friendly?

Definitely! Babies will love exploring a section of their own with rainbow, padded floors and lots of new toys to play with. Strollers easily roll through the facility.

Good To Know Before You Go

  • Lots of parking onsite
  • Multiple washrooms
  • TV screens show all of the play areas so you can see your kids when they’re out of eyesight
  • Yes, they host events and special events, so call before you visit to make sure open play is on for that day

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