30+ Things To Do In Winter

Our 30+ winter activities will keep you entertained no matter where you live, or what day of the week it is!


These are perfect if you’re looking forward to a day with the ones you love the most.


Build a puzzle. Just don’t tell the kids how awesome puzzles are for learning.


Take a spray bottle + water + food colouring and you can paint the snow like a rainbow!


Introduce the kids to one of your favourite movies from your childhood. The Parent Trap? Mrs Doubtfire? Back to the Future?


Start a YouTube channel to share your family’s silliness with relatives. Did you know that channels can be private? They’re also a fun “screen time” activity for kids.


Make this super easy recipe for play dough.


Take the family ice skating at one of the many indoor rinks, or at Rotary Centennial Pond.


Learn a new dance move – Can you do those TikTok dances? Your kids can probably teach you, mine taught me!


Set up a salon and offer manis, pedis, shaves with real shaving cream, and fancy hair-dos to your little customers. If you’re brave enough, you could even be the customer!


Build a fort. Or up your fort game like these folks did. #2 is a personal fave.


Whoop your kid’s butts at Wii Sports – or any other video game you’re good at!


Make a home movie – act out a scene from your favourite TV show or movie, write and record your own play, or sing a song for the camera!


Let the kids make the adults breakfast/lunch/dinner. And don’t forget to smile while eating it!


Visit a local seniors centre and take them some magazines and crafts. They loooove seeing kids!


Bake and decorate a cake – just because you’re the best parent ever. Get some inspiration here.


One of my personal favourite things to do in winter: stay in your pyjamas all day long. Because you can.


Have an indoor picnic. Put a plastic table cloth down so it’s worry-free.


Make a marble or pom pom tunnel – so fun and so easy!


Roll out some upside down wrapping paper and paint or draw on a larger scale! Let kids get wild with their creativity.


Have some fun with science and make a marshmallow catapult. I’m serious, it looks awesome.


Use up some of the thousands of Perler beads your kid has. These ideas will have you covered for gifts all year!


Find a local skating rink and lace-up. One of the best (and timeless) winter activities around. (Rotary Pond even rents skates now!)


Teach the kids to cook and bake/ We love starting out with eggs, cookies, and muffins. Have you ever made energy balls? You should!


Grab your toboggans, your friends, and your neighbours, and go tobogganing. Bonus points if you bring a thermos of hot chocolate!


Have you tried snowshoeing yet? Conservation Halton rents snowshoes and hosts family hikes. (snowy weather permitting)


I’m not a fan of spiders, but I LOVE this sticky spiderweb. And it’s an active, mess-free activity for indoors.


There’s no school today, so throwing paper aeroplanes is permitted! Check out this easy to make hanging target!


Our favourite indoor winter activities are playing a new game together: checkers, chess, crazy 8’s, Battleship, euchre – the list is endless.


Did someone say backwards day? Wear your clothes backwards, call each other by your middle names, walk backwards, eat breakfast for dinner, and most importantly – eat dessert first!


Send a postcard to someone you know, or someone you don’t by signing up for our fave mailing group.


Take a hike! Nature doesn’t close up shop just because it’s chilly. Halton and Hamilton are rich with beautiful locales to walk and hike, and there are lots of free spots to visit too!


Get a jump on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts with these adorable DIY mugs.


Have a sleepover at the grandparents! This one is a winner for everyone.


FaceTime a friend or family member – local or living abroad – it’s always fun to see those we love.



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