10+ Board Game Cafes That Are Too Cool To Pass On

Welcome to our list of local board game cafes in Burlington,Hamilton, Niagara and beyond! Board game cafes have been popping up all over the world, and in your city, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a unique and fun experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.

In this blog, we’ll explore what board game cafes are, why they’re becoming so popular, and what you can expect when you visit one. We’ll also give you some insider knowledge on the cafes we’ve been to and share some of our favourite board games to play while you’re there. So sit back, relax, and grab the dice, because it’s your turn!

If you’ve ever caught yourself asking “Is there a board game cafe near me?” then keep this list handy for some serious fun in the near future.

What is a Board Game Cafe?

A board game café is a spot much like. coffee shop or dessert bar where you can play board and card games. Most cafes also served food and drinks. Visitors generally pay a fee (per person or per table) and have access to a huge assortment of board games. The staff are super fans and often recommend games and help you with gameplay and instructions. Many board game cafés also sell the games.

Why are Board Game Cafes So Popular?

Playing board games have always been something fun to do with family and friends, but it can get pricey if you want to play a new game every few weeks. That’s where game cafes shine. For a small fee, you have access to a library of games, all to play and put back if they don’t tickle your fancy. For just a couple of dollars per person, you can try all of the popular and pricey games to make sure you love them. What a fun way to eliminate buyer’s remorse!

Well-stocked locations, like Ludology Boardgame Cafe in St. Catharines is only $5 to stay and play for a few hours, making it very popular.

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elizabeth playing at mancala monk board game cafe in Hamilton ontario
Our visit to Mancala Monk had us playing Wheel of Fortune and more.

Game Cafes We’ve Been To

In our travels, we have visited 2 board game cafes in Hamilton and 1 in Toronto. We love this low-key rainy-day idea that doesn’t cost much. You can get an entire afternoon of fun for your whole family, with drinks and snacks, for less than $50.

Never Board Games Lounge in Hamilton was out most recent visit to a cafe. With over 900 games to choose from, we tried so many and founds some new faves that we added to our Christmas list. Food drinks and alcohol are available on site. You can also play game in their 2 themed private rooms to really get that immersive feeling.

Mancala Monk board game cafe in Hamilton, was the first one we ever visited. My kids were 8 and 10 and had a ton of board game options. I loved that they could cruise the wall of games and choose any box they wanted to try. Their short attention spans meant we played half of each game we choose, but with over 1400 games to choose from, we were never board.

Next Up – the new board game cafe in Burlington “Nostalgia Game Cafe”

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Board Game Cafes Worth Visiting

Dicey Business
We are a cozy board game café with over 400 board games to play while enjoying a good selection of food and drinks. Our Dicey Community loves Board Games, Trading Card Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Art Nights, and anything else nerdy you can think of
Leisure Cafe
A board game cafe with a comfortable retro feel designed as a community gathering place.
Niagara Region
Ludology Board Game Cafe
Play one of your Favorites, or play something New. Our staff will help you get gaming! Enjoy our fantastic selection of Food and Drink, while you game or dine! $5 per person, 2-5 hour time limit may apply. 
St. Catharines
LVLUP Board Game Store and Cafe
Lots of community gaming events and themed nights for fans of D&D, MTG and more!
Nostalgia Games Cafe
Burlington's board game cafe. Just opened in November 2023 and offering hot and cold drinks and light snacks. 
Parkway Social
Parkway Social has been an icon of St Catharines since 1958 as an entertainment destination that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for family fun, a quirky date night idea or to get competitive with friends or colleagues, our venue is the perfect location. 
St. Catharines
The Adventurers Guild
It's $7 per adventurer for a full day's access to the library! And The Adventurers Guild stocks precisely one metric fun-load of games. That translates to the best and first collection in K-dub and the Region - 1500+ games, including board games, retro video games, and role-playing games.
The Round Table - Guelph
Board games, axe throwing, archery, escape rooms and more!
The Round Table - Kitchener
Board games, special events, trivia nights and more.

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