13+ Bowling Alleys Near Me: Hamilton, Halton and More

Bowling, an ageless activity blending sport and leisure, stands as a staple of fun across generations. every city is home to a bowling alley near you, filled with the sounds of pins clasttering and balls

We love 10 pin bowling because it’s not a sport you have to be good at to enjoy. When the girls were younger, we did a lot of 5 pin bowling with bumpers and loved every minute of it. Most alleys offer bumpers to block the “gutters” and they have ramps to help assist getting the heavy 10-pin balls down the alley.

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Bowling is a sport that brings people of different ages and skills together. It’s not just about rolling a ball, but also about creating connections and having friendly competition. No matter the weather, bowling is a great way to escape the heat, the cold and it’s good for a rainy day too.

This article will help you find bowling places near you. This list includes local bowling alleys that have been in business for decades and more modern bowling centres like Splitsville Bowling, you’re sure to find a great spot to take the whole family soon.

Bowling is a fun indoor activity for all ages.Kids love bowling, while older people enjoy the competition and the opportunity to connect with loved ones. Don’t forget your grandparents, they’ve been bowling longer than you’ve been alive and just may show you a trick or two.

Tips For Bowling

  • Dress comfortably, bowling takes full body movements and you don’t want to feel constrained while you beat your friends.
  • Find the right weight ball to use. Many times, your lane will come stocked with some colour bowling balls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scour the entertainment centre looking for one that fits just right.
  • Wear socks, but don’t worry about your shoes. The bowling alley will rent you a pair of specialized shoes that won’t scuff the lane’s slick finish.
  • Ten pin bowling is the kind you play with the larger bowling ball, and 5 pin bowling uses smaller balls that you can easily grip with one hand. Both games are a ton of fun, so choose your preference.
  • All of these locations offer kids bowling near Hamilton, Burlington and beyond. Young kids can join the fun using bumpers and ramps to help them score points.
Bowling ball and pins on a bowling alley

Bowling Centres Near Me in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Milton

AMF Frederick Lanes
Bowling, birthday parties - for both kids and teens, billiards, arcade, and food - there's something here for everyone.
385 Frederick Street Kitchener, Kitchener, N2H 2P2
Burlington Bowl
Burlington Bowl features 48 lanes, a full-service licensed restaurant, a fully stocked pro shop and a games area featuring a pool table, air hockey and more. It offers cosmic glow-in-the-dark bowling, special-effect lighting and the latest music. Kids have a blast with bumper rails, ball ramps and super lightweight balls.
Champs Family Entertainment Centre
Large complex offering bowling, billiards & a gaming area, plus a sports bar with creative pub grub. At Champs we have incorporated a one of a kind Main Events gaming area equipped with all of the latest new gaming attractions to some of the favourite old classics.
Milton’s largest active play zone for kids and adults alike. Great for the whole family. Epic Play Zone offers Laser Tag, Indoor Playground, Arcade, Birthday Parties.
Hopedale Bowl
We offer Bumpers for Young Children, Coaching Tips, as well as the Children’s Learn to Bowl Program and League Bowling for all ages – Novice or Pro.
iBowl Family Fun Centre
5 and 10 pin bowling available, with specials for families, lunch, and even a 'triple play - one game of 5 pin bowling, one game of 10 pin bowling, and a round of the on-site mini golf!' Contact them for birthday party info too.
10 Park Hill Road East, Cambridge, N1R 1P2
Kingpin Bowling
With 28 state of the art 10 pin lanes including a separate section for private parties, Kingpin Bowlounge is the biggest bowling venue in the Waterloo Region.
425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, N2B 3X7
Kingpin Cambridge
Bowing, laser tag, an arcade, and a giant, multi-level play structure means kids of all ages can be entertained at Kingpin! Ask about their birthday party packages!
Cambridge Centre Mall 355 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, N1R 6B3
Mountain Lanes Bowling
16 Lanes of Five Pin Bowling, Glow In The Dark lanes, Licensed under the L.L.B.O., Computerized Scoring, Snack Bar.
Splitsville Bowling and Arcade - Hamilton
34 lanes, Glow in the Dark Bowling, Angry Birds bowling, interactive screens/games on lanes, state-of-the-art arcade, and a large redemption prize store.
Splitsville Bowling, Laser Tag and Arcade - Burlington
24 lanes, luxury VIP lanes, Glow in the Dark Bowling, 2-level laser tag arena, state-of-the-art arcade, large redemption prize store.
Towne Bowl
Towne Bowl offers everything you need in a bowling centre. Conveniently located in downtown Kitchener, we offer 24 fully automatic 5-pin bowling lanes, Cosmic and Bingo bowling, as well as Bumper bowling. 
11 Ottawa Street North, Kitchener, N2H 3K1
Victoria Bowling Co
20 lanes of 5 pin bowling with glow bowling and lasers! Birthday party packages for kids age 12 and under for every budget.
280 Victoria St S, Kitchener, N2G 2C3
Waterdown Lanes
We offer 12 lanes of 5-pin bowling, as well as regular special events and parties, complete with glow-in-the-dark bowling! Looking for a fun way to keep active? We also have bowling leagues for all ages and skill levels.
Woodlawn Bowl
Woodlawn Bowl has 8 lanes of 5 pin and 24 lanes of 10 pin with many different types of Interactions whether it’s Bowling or playing in the Arcade Room, to business meetings, and birthday parties. 
253 Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph, N1H 8J1

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