Your Little Gymnast Will Love Gymalaya Burlington

We know you want your kid’s gymnastics class to be an excellent one, and Gymalaya Burlington scores top marks with parents like you. Read on and we will show you why their programs are worthy of your consideration.

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Welcome to Gymalaya!

Gymalaya Burlington is located in the ActivityPlex on Mainway. It’s a central hub for numerous kids’ classes in Burlington. Parents love this location because their kids can each be in different programs while only having to drive to one location. Brilliant! Adults can take advantage of the classes and equipment at the on-site fitness centre.

The Burlington location has a state-of-the-art facility. It’s bright and cheerful and is a magnet for kids of all ages. The gym has unique equipment designed specifically for young children. The kid-size proportions of the equipment encourage kids to climb, jump and balance, all while taking safety into consideration.

Each week the staff changes up the configuration and setting of the equipment to provide a new and stimulating experience for kids and toddler gymnastics classes. Parents, if you’re not taking part in the class with your little one, you can relax in the viewing area and enjoy free WiFi.

Gymalaya Burlington Kids Gymnastics tinygym class
Scooters, crawlers and curious kids will love their time at Gymalaya.

Toddler Gymnastics Classes

A baby or toddler gymnastics class is perfect for kids with extra energy and adventurous spirits. Gymalaya was built for these kids! And if you have a shy or introverted child, they’ll love the small size of the equipment because it’s welcoming and begs to be played on.

Gymalya offers so many active programs for kids and parents. These activities are sure to get children moving and increase confidence in their abilities. Each of these programs runs as a parent+baby program and occurs weekly for 7-8 weeks. Here are some:

  • TinyGym for babies 4-10 months and a grown-up – a 40-minute class with singing, free play on the equipment, bubbles and movement songs.

  • BabyGym for crawlers up to 18 months – interactive songs with an adult, free play, structured exploration of the equipment and sensory props.

  • TotGym is for kids 18m to 3yo – activities include crawling, climbing, hanging, swinging, tumbling and much more, all to build confidence in their abilities.

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School-Age Kids Gymnastics Classes

Those bigger kids will love taking a class on their own, with parents watching from the windows. Here is where kids are introduced to real gymnastics and move up through the levels to hone their skills and challenge themselves further.

  • KidnderGym 3-4 years old

  • JuniorGym 5-6 years old

  • Senior Gym 7-8 years old

  • AcroGym 6-10 years old

  • Cartwheel Clinics, too!

Click here to register and learn more about gymnastics programs with Gymalaya

Kids Gymnastic Equipment

Some of the equipment you’ll see at Gymalaya Burlington includes…

  • a 30-foot tumble trampoline
  • different types of bars and rings for hanging, pulling up on and swinging from
  • balance beams
  • mini trampoline
  • climbing wall bars
  • and other pieces of equipment such as slides, tunnels, stairs, soft blocks and more.

Camps, Gymnastics Birthday Parties and Drop in Play, Too!

Kids will love the fun they have and the new friends they make at gymnastics camp! Campers 5 and older are invited to summer camps, March Break and Winter Break and PA Day camps, too!

We love a high-energy unique birthday party and that is exactly what you’ll get with Gymalaya! Parties run for 1 hour and 45 minutes and some parachute play is the cherry on top! These parties are perfect for kids 10 and under and are led by qualified instructors. Set up, clean up and invitations are included.

Drop-in gymnastics play is so great when you’re looking for something to do, but aren’t ready to commit. Find drop-in info here.

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