High-Energy Excitement at Activate Burlington

Burlington has a very cool entertainment facility called Activate and we are so excited to tell you about it! It’s a favourite for families who love excitement and high energy fun.

From their website:
“Activate is the world’s first active gaming facility, where you’ll play arcade-style games by actually jumping, climbing, and dodging. You and your group of 3-5 will move freely between eleven interactive rooms, choosing games that challenge your agility, problem-solving, and speed. Dive through lasers. Climb glowing walls. Only the best can conquer them all. Think you have what it takes?”

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Visiting Activate in Burlington

Activate Burlington is a large, indoor entertainment facility for players ages 10 and older. The games are challenging and built with adults in mind. We had 2 adults and 2 kids, ages 10 and 12 with us and they tackled the games with gusto. We had a group of four, and Activate recommends 3-5 people per game. 2 can play, but it will be more challenging. Your visit is 75 minutes and you can choose your timeslot through their online booking system. You can have up to 10 in your booking time, but you’ll be split into groups of up to 5 to provide the best playing experience.

The Game Rooms

At Activate, you get access to all 9 rooms of gameplay, and you can play them more than once as long as time permits. I loved that the game rooms included both cooperative and competitive challenges because sometimes it’s fun to kick some butt! The rooms we each very different ad put our skills to the test. My kids loved the “Climb”, the room of light-up rock-climbing grips that change colour from green to red as you scale your way around the room. Stay off the red ones! There is also another level where the grips light up and you need to grab them whack-a-mole style!

“Grid” was a full energy mission to get from side to side without touching the lit tiles on the floor. Needless to say, I was the worst player on our team here, haha! But we laughed so much that I didn’t mind. This room has 3 variations of gameplay you can try. We had so much fun in all of the rooms, but my kids liked “Hoops” – a basketball shooting mission, and “Laser” the most.

“Laser” made you feel like you were creeping through a top-secret vault protected by motion-activated laser beams. It was another laugh-fest that made us sweaty and wide-eyed. This one was hard but so exciting. You can see all of the rooms at Active Burlington here.

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Tips For Your Visit to Activate Burlington

Book your visit online before to make sure you get a spot. Walk-ins are permitted, but you may not get your preferred time. Bring a small group with you, and don’t worry about talent or skill because everyone will have a great time. This was an excellent outing for my tween and teen, and my husband (who likes being home) loved it too.

There are lockers to hold your coats/bags, etc. because you definitely want your hands free and to make movement easy. Short sleeves were good because you want easy access to your Activate wristband because that is what grants you access to the rooms, and tracks your scores. Think of it as a gym class: rubber-soled shoes, long hair tied back.

Outside of each room, and throughout the facility there was hand sanitizer, and we found it to be very clean.

Price: $28 per person, plus taxes. When you book online, you pay $5 to hold your spot and the rest upon arrival.

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