Birthdays and celebrations can’t stop won’t stop – not even during a pandemic – and we have great ideas on how to make them memorable (even in these wonky times!)

Below are our best ways to make birthdays and milestone marvellous. No matter where your friends or family are located, we have ways to make them feel special on their special day. Looking for a great way to bring folks together with some friendly competition – while social distancing? We’ve got that. Want to bring your creative party plans to your home? We’ve got that. Hoping to surprise someone with a front lawn full of fun? Yup, it’s here too. 

Be sure to check out Wish & Give’s digital invitations with a charitable twist and the best list of where to get free stuff on your birthday! They’re all here, ready to help you make this celebration special. 

Be sure to check out our Deals Page, too! You may score yourself some savings on local services and gift ideas. And if you’re looking for some great advice from local parenting experts (we are all experts!) just drop a post in our AP Community Group and parents will support you and help you with anything you need. It takes a village, right?! 

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