The Best Toy Stores in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville

Welcome to Toy Haven! Our directory is your passport to a world of play, showcasing the charm and uniqueness of local independent toy stores near you. Immerse yourself in a curated collection of toys that go beyond the ordinary, handpicked for their quality, creativity, and educational value.

From classic favorites to innovative gems you can give as great birthday gifts, these stores are the heartbeat of our community, fostering connections and delivering personalized experiences. Join us in supporting these small businesses, adding vibrancy to our neighborhood, and creating lasting childhood memories. Let the adventure begin as you explore the diverse and enchanting world of children’s toy stores right in your own backyard!

The Best Toy Stores in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville

Little boy in a red shirt looking at toys at a toy store

Hobby and Toy Central

Cheryl founded Hobby and Toy in 1985 because she loves the thrill of seeing someone find the perfect product! Hobby and Toy is a treasure trove of models, accessories, and supplies for new and experienced hobbyists but also quality toys that inspire creativity and developing minds.

This is THE place to go for Playmobil and Brio train sets – you won’t find a better selection anywhere! Hobby and Toy has expanded to three stores across SW Ontario, but the nearest is in Mapleview Mall.

Mapleview Mall, 900 Maple Ave, Burlington

Learning Tree Educational Store

Owned and operated by an educator who is passionate about learning at all ages. All of the staff go above and beyond with their service. I go in often looking for new and unique board games, birthday presents, and tools to support my kids learning. They carry the highest quality in educational toys, puzzles, games, resources and books.

1450 Headon Rd, Burlington

Jr Toy

A toy shop sharing space with a pool supplier seems odd, and you do have to like the smell of chlorine, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you are looking for educational, science and learning toys. The staff have always been friendly and able to offer ideas for gifts, and this is the best selection we’ve found for original science and building kits.

They have a good selection of family games as well, again, some we have not seen anywhere else. As a small store, not everything on the website is in stock locally, but online purchases can be returned to the store, saving you shipping. 

4265 Fairview St, Unit 2, Burlington

Skycraft Hobbies

We met some lovely gentlemen down at Spencer Smith last summer who told us about their boats, and helped the kids figure out their remote controls. They were so friendly and recommended Skycraft to us as somewhere to start if we were interested in models and remote control toys. If it floats, drives or flies they have it! There’s always someone knowledgeable there and they love talking to youngsters and sharing their passion.

115 Plains Rd East, Burlington


Not strictly a toy store but Snugglebugz does carry a range of sustainable, eco-friendly baby toys which encourage babies to play and learn. Made from sustainable sources with non-toxic paints, brands like Hape and Plan Toys are all here under one roof. While we are well out of the baby phase Snugglebugz is one of my favourite children’s stores and I still love looking at the nursery displays and getting nostalgic!

3245 Fairview St, Burlington

KSM Toys

If you are looking for something unique for younger children, try KSM toys. Many of their brands are European (all tested and approved for sale in Canada) and we particularly like their range of eco-friendly construction vehicles that use reclaimed wood and less plastic.

100 South Service Rd Unit 37 / 38, Burlington

Citizen Kid

With its big windows and kid friendly displays, walking into this store makes me immediately feel cozy and at home (but it’s much tidier than my house). The family behind Citizen Kid are proud to carry a number of sustainable, non-toxic brands, so whether you are looking for toys or crafts there’s always something safe to use, as well as beautifully made and long lasting.

230 Locke St South, Hamilton

Simply Green Baby

Started by two sisters in 2010, Liz and Ann work hard to bring the best natural and eco-friendly products to the Oakville area, and the store carries toys, cleaning and beauty products as well.

They thoroughly research not just the product, but the packaging used and the background of the manufacturers to support those that practice fair trade, social responsibility and environmental awareness. The whole store is so calming and inviting it’s an experience just to shop there!

67 Bronte Road Unit 4&5, Oakville

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