The Best Loot Bag Ideas According To Parents

Loot bags were a hot topic on our Facebook page recently, and with the help of creative parents we’ve put together a list of great loot bags that parents will be happy to see their kiddo bring home. We pulled together their best unique loot bag ideas to help you cross this task off your next party planner to-do list.

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One unanimous thought on loot bags was that they are a “nice to have” but not a necessity. Another theme in the discussion was that you didn’t need to spend much to make an impact with your loot bags. Kids are kids, and they are impressed with chocolate, candy and a little toy, so don’t break the bank.

Don’t Leave Your Loot Bags Until The End

If you’re having a great themed party, hand out the loot as your guests arrive. Here are a few themes that work for this:

  • Sleepovers – everyone can get a sleep mask, glow stick, lip balm, a stuffy, a custom pillowcase or fuzzy slippers to you AT the party
  • Movie Night – Give the kids their cool drink cups with straws, popcorn and candy
  • Art Party – how about a personalized smock or apron to keep them clean while they create
  • Spa Party goes will love getting their self care products in advance so they can enjoy them longer
  • Melissa planned an oudoor scavenger hunt for her son’s party and gave all of the guests a flashlight to use and take home

Create The Take-Home Loot

One of the best ways to cross 2 items off your to-do list is to MAKE the loot bag during the party. Here are a few ideas to do just that:

  • Get Artistic – anything the kids paint or create can become their take home souvenier. Paint a photo frame, follow a painting tutorial or decorate a flower pot were grear suggestions from our readers. Also highly recomended were tie-dye tshirts, birdhouse painting and making your own masks
  • Superhero party guests will love to create their own masks and cape to play with during and after the party.
  • Hockey Party planners sent their kids home with hockey cards, a whistle and even a team puck
  • One parent made glitter playdough to pair with figurines as her frozen party loot bag ideas

loot bag ideas – Send a Treat Home

Everyone loves a take-home dessert or treat to remind them of the awesome party they just had, and our parent community had some great ideas to match almost any theme

  • Mermaid fans will love a package of goldfisf crackers and some gummy fish. Maybe even a bath toy!
  • Superheroes love
  • A mom hosted a construction themed party and sent everyone home with mud, dirt and a digger – chocolate pudding, oreo cookie crumbs and a small vehicle on top!
  • Mom Saralyn is sending her Lego party guests homewith a Kinder egg or a blind/surprise playmobile pack.
  • Sports fan gobble up Big League Chew bubble gum and a super bouncy ball
  • Pirate theme? How about bandanas, candy necklaces and ring pops?
  • Lots of parents talked about ordering homemade cookies from local bakers to eithr match the theme or have the guests names on them
  • Kernals popcorn was a great take-home treat suggestion

Everyone APPRECIATES Gift Cards!

It’s true – how can you go wrong with a gift card? Some of the top places parents recommend are Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons/Starbucks, a movie theatre, or a book store. If you have a great independent candy or toy store, a gift card to them is one of the best loot bag ideas we heard.

You can even buy a gift card from the birthday party venue that is hosting your party to give kids a future visit.

gift cards are great loot bag ideas
Gift cards are always fun to give and receive

Reminder: Loot Bags are optional

One theme agreed on by all of our readers and followers is this: loot bags are optional. Not necessary at all, and definitely not expected to be expensive or over the top. In fact, our parents mentioned many times how their kids don’t notice when there isn’t a loot bag to take home. So do what YOU feel works for you.

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