Socially Distanced Birthday Party Ideas

Who would have ever thought we would be planning birthday parties without a gathering? Not me. But with a birthday to celebrate at the end of April, we sat down and put our thinking caps on to come up with ways to make a social distance birthday amazing.


I have been very impressed by the number of businesses who have pivoted their business model to offer virtual and online offerings during these times of social distancing. We brainstormed some ideas for upcoming parties we are re-planning, and shared them below.


Start with the Invitations

There may not always be a way to get the birthday boy or girl a physical present, but Wish & Give fixes that problem. Their online e-vites also encourage attendees to donate to the birthday child’s gift and their charity of choice. If your child has their eyes on that very expensive LEGO set, this is a great way to get them their perfect gift, from all of their friends!

social distance birthday

Safe-At-Home Socially Distanced Birthday Celebration Ideas



Go all out with the decor, this is no time to scrimp on the streamers! Wait till they’ve gone to bed and watch their surprise in the morning!


Plan a Yes! Day

  • Have you had a Yes Day before? It’s simple, anything your child asks, you say Yes to (within reason).
  • “Mom, can I have chocolate for breakfast?” Yes!
  • “Dad, want to play ball in the yard?” Yes!
  • Other requests, like seeing friends, may need a “Yes, once this is all over”, but this is a sure-fire way to have a positive birthday.


Have a Birthday Parade

  • Parents all over are organizing Car Parades to celebrate a birthday, and they are amazing!
  • First, make fun birthday decorations and messages at home. Then attach them to your vehicle.
  • Contact your child’s friends’ parents, schedule a time, and make a parade! They even had a police escort for one of the parades!
  • Bonus if you sing Happy Birthday as you roll by!


Bring the Movie Theatre Home

  • If your child is a movie fan, they’ll love to stream a movie for their social distance birthday party!
  • There are so many amazing streaming sources to watch movies for free or for a small fee, on-demand. Universal Studios Entertainment is releasing movies that are “still in theatre” to streaming services On Demand.
  • Once the movie is chosen, turn your living room into a theatre:
      • Close your curtains and blinds to make the room dark like a theatre.
      • Pop some popcorn or get the real stuff delivered from in Oakville.
      • Don’t forget the candy and drinks.
      • Action!


Chalk Art Messages from Friends

  • I loved seeing the creativity of the #chalkyourwalk movement – so use it to display birthday messages!
  • Drive over to a friend’s house and #chalkTHEIRwalk!
  • Send them some socially distanced birthday love from 6+ feet away on their special day


Order Take Out/Curbside Dining from their favourite local restaurant!

  • Many restaurants in the Hamilton / Halton area are still open!
  • Check out this Facebook page with a list of Burlington restaurants still open and offering delivery/pick up. I’m still trying to find a list like it for Hamilton, so if you see it, please share!



Organize The Great Canadian Bake-Off!

  • If your kid loves to bake, or just loves to laugh, why not have a baking challenge with their friends?
  • Contact the parents to arrange a FaceTime or Zoom party time
  • Drop off all of the cake baking needs and decorations (while maintaining your distance)
  • The party starts with everyone having their nake cake ready to decorate
  • The mess, the laughter, and the friends will make for some great memories. You can even record the Zoom call!
  • You can also have cookie dough delivered from a local bakery like Mollycake (our fave!)



Have a Netflix Party!

  • Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with friends online.
  • Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favourite Netflix shows. Kids can watch and message the group at the same time
  • Hand deliver some movie-watching supplies, like popcorn, candy, and drinks. Bonus points for a small pizza!
  • Must be used on a laptop or computer with Chrome.


Get Together – While Separate

Don’t let a little distance stand in your way of a family party! You can still get the fam together virtually! Why not order pizza or Chinese food and chow down together on Zoom? Drop off some cupcakes if you can (contactless please!) and everyone can sing Happy Birthday to the guest of honour. Pop in one of Zoom’s creative virtual backdrops and have a blast!


social distance birthday
Ettridge’s The Studio Inc. provides beautiful balloon displays with contactless porch and lawn installation.

Gift Deliveries

Balloons brighten anyone’s day, and Ettridges has kept up their balloon creations and delivery during this time.

Daffy Dill The Clown is our favourite balloon twister, and she can deliver unicorns, princesses, rainbows and more!


Socially Distanced Virtual Entertainers

Forever Fairest has a long list of princesses that can send your birthday child a video greeting, or a live Facetime call, with singing!

Minikinz Entertainment has 1-on-1 virtual meet and greets with Moana, Belle and other beauties!


Online Social Distance Birthday Celebrations

Mastermind Toys will give your birthday child a shoutout on their birthday.



Looking for some great gift ideas that can be delivered to the birthday child? Check out our favourite board games and creative supplies here!


Rules and regulations surrounding business practices during this pandemic are changing daily, so please contact the businesses directly to make sure these offerings are still available, to avoid disappointment. Always maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from everyone who does not live in your home with you. Stay safe!


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