March Break Bingo

March Break Bingo is the perfect way to spend your week away from school! 25 ways to make lockdown spring break great!

We can all agree that a lockdown is not how we want to be spending March Break, but here we are. And when life gives you lemons, add it to your homemade iced tea! That’s 1 of the 25 ways you can have fun as a family. We’ve come up with 25 simple ways you and your kids can make some memories this Spring Break. Don’t forget to get fresh air daily – it’s essential. 


Oh yes, we did! Cross off your Bingo card – a line, 4 corners, or a whole card – and share it with us to enter to win 1 of 10 Active Parents mini prize packs! You can tag us on Instagram, share your March Break Bingo card in our Facebook group, or email it to us here.

march break bingo card

Have fun with your peeps, and be sure to submit your Bingo card by the end of the day on Monday, April 19th to be entered to win 1 of 10 Active Parents Mini Prize Packs. 

How to Submit Your March Break Bingo Card:

Post your Bingo card in the comments of our Facebook Group 

Share it on Instagram and tag us @activeparentsca

Email us your card to 

looking for more inspiration?

We got you covered with hundreds of ways to make today great. 

Parks and Playgrounds are still open and great for physical activity

Stay home and send some postcards around the world

And find more spring activities below. Always double-check with the current provincial regulations before committing to anything. 

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