Handmade Christmas Gifts from Kids

One of my favourite things about the holidays are the crafts I get to make with my girls, who are 5 and 7 years old. I love seeing how hard they work and how much pride they put into what they’re making. They love knowing they’re contributing to the gift giving, and the recipients usually make a big deal out of their mini masterpieces. Who doesn;t love a handmade gift? In the last few weeks we’ve been spending some free time getting crafty, and today I’m sharing a few of the gifts we’ve made, and hoping to inspire you and your family to try them!


Perler beads: my kids love these because they’re a craft you can start and finish in one sitting, or come back to when your favourite show is over. My 7 year old loves when we glue a magnet on the back of her creations so she add them to the gallery known as her locker. My youngest likes to decorate the fridge with her animal creations. With our Perler beads we decided to make some magnetic ornaments. My 7 year old even thought we could stick them on a card and mail them to friends we may not see this month. Great idea!

handmade christmas gifts


Painting Pre-Fab: Crafts can’t get any easier than buying an adorable votive candle holder from Dollarama and letting the kiddos paint them. This was my 5 year old’s favourite. What kids doesn’t like painting? They turned out great, and Nanny is going to love adding them to her Christmas mantle decor. TIP: only put out the paint colours you want the kids to use!

handmade christmas gifts


Scrabble Name Ornaments: My 7 year old loved this one. She first had to spell out the names of our friends and family, then she got to use the hot glue gun. Woo hoo! I bought the Scrabble game on super sale for $10, and even so this was the priciest craft of the lot, but we got about 12 ornaments out of it, so all in all, it was a decent deal. These personalized ornaments will make an amazing hostess gift, or a gift for anyone who puts up a Christmas tree!

handmade christmas gifts


Handmade Knitted Scarf: One of the best presents my 7 year old daughter’s received has been her knitting loom kit. Seems a little old fashioned, but she (and I) love it! This year, she is making Gramma a hand-knitted scarf – it’s a work in progress still, but we’re not worried about being done in time. I would say if your kiddo is consistent, they could have a full length scarf in 7-10 days. The kit comes with 4 sizes of looms, and with them we’ve made scarves, cowls/neck-warmers, and there’s talk of leg warmers being next on the docket! Plus, if you buy it at Michael’s, you can use their amazing coupons to score a great deal! Shhh, don’t tell Gramma about her scarf!

handmade christmas gifts



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