Local Farms in Hamilton and Halton – Places to See and Feed Animals

Active Parents is here to help fill your summer vacation with fun. We are putting together ideas for day trips to keep the whole family entertained. We’ll cover local and short-distance jaunts, and we hope you’ll suggest some fun stops, too! This week we bring you destinations fit for the Animal Lover in your house. My youngest is besties with everything four-legged, so this list was an easy one to put together. 

where to see animals near burlington and hamilton

Kids will glow when they get to see some local and exotic animals and insects on your visit to these places. Visit one or all of them! Remember to bring your summer essentials (sunscreen and bug spray) and always a face mask. 

Opening gates at Brantford Zoo

brantford twin valley zoo

This local fave is perfect for families, and we loved that it was just the right size to see in its entirety, in one day. You'll be up close and personal with lions, tigers, and - you guessed it - bears. Oh my! Read about our first visit here.

bronte creek provincial park

Bronte Creek is a real working farm, and is home to goats, cows, chickens, rabbits, pond animals, and more!

goats at triple c farm

Triple C Farm

Triple C Farm is a small, family run, rescue farm and sanctuary that offers a fully interactive petting zoo, birthday parties, goat yoga, Movies with the Animals, and much more!

african lion safari logo

african lion safari

1,000 birds and over 100 animals that can be pet, watched, and even viewed from your own car is what you have waiting for you!

bird kingdom

bird kingdom

Billed as the world's largest free-flying indoor aviary, you'll see more bird species than you knew existed, feed bats and lorikeets, and much more! Located in Niagara Falls.

cambridge butterfly conservatory

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Experience a tropical oasis right in the city when you visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. 25,000 square feet of year-round indoor tropical paradise and home to thousands of butterflies, birds, fish, amphibians and insects.

donkey sanctuary of canada

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Visit with over 90 donkeys and mules, and learn about the care and rehabilitation of the Guelph farm residents. Rave reviews from animal lovers and families who visit.

happy rolph's animal sanctuary

Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary and Children's Petting Farm

Petting zoo, large playground, beautiful walk, and very scenic. We went a few summers ago and the kids loved it. Located in St. Catherines.

friends of high park zoo

toronto's high park zoo

Established in 1893 for deer, the Zoo’s animal paddocks have always been a popular attraction. Today, over 125 years later, the Zoo’s eleven paddocks are home to a variety of animal species from around the world including bison, llamas, peacocks, reindeer, highland cattle, wallabies, emus and sheep. The Zoo is free to the public and attracts over 600,000 visitors each year.

little rays logo

Little Ray's

There's a good chance your kid has been to a Little Rays birthday party, but did you know they also have a reptile zoo open for visiting? Get a chance to feed the animals, while getting a little education, too. We love local family road trips!

Mountsberg Conservation Area

It's super close, and perfect for your little fan of feathered friends. Watch entertaining shows (they're educational, too!) plus, tour the site and check out all of the animals they have in addition to birds of prey.

oshawa zoo image

Oshawa Zoo

They been rescuing animals since 1993, and have over 40 in a large 22 acre farm. They even offer a mobile animal program for events and celebrations!

Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery

This farm has been around for over 200 years! It's a great spot for train rides, animal watching, and picking your own fresh produce. A definite must-do for a day of fun.

springridge farm in milton

springridge farm

A local favourite with something for everyone. Mountain goats, a petting barn, fluffy bunnies, and who doesn't love Rocky Rooster? Psst, try their strawberry tarts, too

Alpacas from eighth and mud Street

Alpacas of Eighth and Mud is an urban farm that is home to friendly, furry alpacas! This spot is adorable and totally free to just go and see the alpacas. They come right up to the fence and you can touch them. They also have food for sale to feed them inside their fibre shop, along with some beautiful handmade things. Show the kids how they make the fibres from the alpacas into yarn.

Killman Zoo

This rural zoo is located 2km east of Highway 6 at 237 Unity Road East. It is a privately owned and operated zoo using 9acre of trails on a property spanning 33acre. Tamer animals like dwarf goats and deer can be petted by people of all ages at the special petting zoo portion of the attraction. People with wheelchairs are able to access the sights with wheelchair-accessible trails.The Killman family that operates the zoo are descended from the Seneca, Onandaga and Mohawk Tribes of the Canadian First Nations.

Ostrich Land

Our friendly tour guides will take you for a visit to an incubator room at our farm (subject of availability); you can say hello to the youngest chicks, some only a few days old (subject of availability), in our kindergarten area; feed the year-old teenage group and meet our breeder's family. Due the cold and spring weather we expect the youngest chicks in August. Tour duration is 1.5 hour. After the tour is completed, the visitors can stay and enjoy the farm.

Do you have a favourite destination to see animals? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to let us know if we missed one so we can add it to this list! 

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