Bird Kingdom: Get Up Close With Exotic Birds and Creatures

A day trip to Niagara Falls is not complete without a visit to Bird Kingdom, the World’s Largest Free-Flying Indoor Aviary. Kids and adults will love this immersive experience that gets everyone up close with birds, turtles, snakes and more! I hope you enjoy some of our Bird Kingdom photos from our last visit.

What Kinds of Birds Are At Bird Kingdom?

Right away you will meet exotic Macaws: the Green-winged Macaw, the Blue and Gold Macaw, and the Scarlet Macaw. Our girls were in awe of their beauty! You can’t hold these macaws, but, the kids had enough excitement just watching the bird trainer show us some tricks the Green Winged Macaw could do. 

Up next was the nocturnal tunnel that is home to owls, tarantulas, and bats. Follow the long twisting, multi-level pathway (that our stroller easily fit on), with waterfalls, plants and trees, surrounding our way. We had the option of feeding the Lorikeet birds at specific times throughout the day and got to walk behind a waterfall. The kid’s archaeology dig was closed when we visit, but make sure you look for it when you visit this summer.

Some of the popular birds were the Wood Duck, the Scarlet Ibis, the Vietnamese Pheasant, the Cockatoo, and the Blue Crown Pigeon. Bird Kingdom is home to so many gorgeous feathered friends. There were way too many to keep track of, even for my bird-loving seven-year-old, who was writing all of the names on her clipboard.

a beautiful red macaw parrot at bird kingdom niagara falls

More Than Birds!

We were surprised to be met with a museum of Egyptian artifacts, Niagara Falls interesting facts, and bird’s eggs of all sizes before we hit the first bird sanctuary. From turtles to frogs, and finally to the main attraction: Birds!

Make sure to take time and visit the Ancient Javanese House from the 1800s. Javanese houses in the 19th century were for the wealthy and aristocratic class, and this is the only one of its kind in North America. This architectural beauty is entirely hand-carved from solid teak and was constructed without nails! Please Note: The Javanese House is not wheelchair accessible at this time.

meeting the creatures at bird kingdom niagara falls

Can You Feed The Birds At Bird Kingdom?

Make sure to visit Lorikeet Landing and take part in their nectar feeding. This experience is an additional cost not included in your admission and makes for a great encounter. Each Lorikeet Feeding time has limited slots available, which will be available for purchase at the ticket booth when you arrive ($5.00 per cup of nectar). Feed and interact with the birds at Lorikeet Landing. This interactive experience allows the lorikeets to land on you as you feed them nectar. There are 5 feeding times throughout the day.

More Animal Encounters at Bird Kingdom

Bird Kingdom’s Animal Encounters room allows visitors to get up-close and personal with exotic birds, animals and reptiles from around the world. Meet creatures from the rainforest! Snakes, tortoises, bearded dragons, parrots and amazing creatures are here for you to meet and learn about. Ask the friendly and knowledgeable animal care staff any questions you have.

Please note that at this time you cannot hold or touch the creatures at Animal Encounters.

How Long Is An Average Visit?

After about an hour, we had reached the end of our trip and we headed out into the gift shop, which was fun for the kids to look through. Be prepared to scurry through if you don’t want to buy a souvenir! If your kids are hungry after their visit, check out the cafe on location for some pizza lunch. Instead, we took some time to walk to the falls. About a five-minute walk away was an ice cream shop, and about fifteen minutes down the falls walkway, you would reach Clifton Hill with many shops and restaurants to choose from.

Overall, this was a trip we will not forget and we were glad to spend our Saturday doing something that entertained us all. It can be a challenge to find a place that each individual enjoys when you have a family of multiple ages, and Bird Kingdom did not disappoint!

you'll feel like you're in a real rainforest at niagara falls bird kingdom

Bird Kingdom Tickets

Bird Kingdom tickets are listed below. Be sure to show your CAA card and save a little extra off the price. Click here to pre-purchase your tickets and save.

Buy OnlineBuy At The CounterAnnual Pass
Children ages 3-15$13.95$15.95$29.00
Everyone over 16$17.95$19.95$39.00
plus applicable taxes

Parking, Washrooms and Accessibility

Parking is available on-site for $6

Washrooms are accessible and are located at the beginning of the museum

Bird Kingdom is mostly stroller and wheelchair-friendly, but you may need some help with some doors. There is an elevator that the public can use.

No outside food is allowed on site, and fingers are crossed their restaurant re-opens soon!

Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls is located at 5651 River Road in Niagara Falls, ON L2E 7M7.

bird kingdom photos enjoy the free roaming beautiful birds at niagara falls bird kingdom

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