Now Open! Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

Twin Valley Nature Park – formerly called Brantford Twin Valley Zoo – ranks high on the list of must-visit destinations for so many reasons. Read on for those reasons, plus some helpful hints for your day with the animals.

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Welcome To Twin Valley Zoo

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo opened its doors in 1991 and offers 25 acres of native and exotic animals from April through October. Twin Valley Zoo is perfectly sized for families because it offers the ability to see the entire park in one visit.

Some of our photos are from our visit in 2019 where we got a behind-the-scenes tour.

When you arrive, the zoo greeters are some of the cutest and most cuddly little goats I’ve ever seen. If you watched my Instastories, you’ll see how quickly Cotton and I fell in love.

tips for Feeding the goats (From An Almost Expert)

  • Get your pellets from the machine, then MOVE AWAY. It’s like a dinner bell for them, so back away once you’ve got your handful.
  • Spread out, there’s lots of space, and your feeding experience will be a better one if you have your own space
  • Feed them low, and they won’t jump. It took me a few minutes to realize this, but it’s true.
  • Take pictures, because the cuteness is too much!

Explore The Zoo

Once you’ve had your goat fix, you’re ready to wander the zoo and see all of the local and exotic animals that call Brantford Twin Valley Zoo home. Here’s one tip I cannot stress enough – ask all the questions! Your kids will have questions and so will you, so make sure you ask the staff. They’re all around the park, and so friendly and helpful. They’re truly passionate about the animals and always took the time to answer our queries.

My kids wanted to know what the animals did in the winter months, why certain animals could live with others (like tortoises) and why others couldn’t, and how the animals came to live at the Zoo.

Getting up close with the wildlife at Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

The Perfect Variety of Wildlife

My girls love the ring-tailed lemurs and the rough lemurs. Watching them swing and jump and put on a show for the crowds is fantastic. Plus, their cuteness is off the charts.

You absolutely MUST ask Jennifer to teach you about the wolf pack. Her wolf howl is out of the world, and the way Storm, Mogli and Maverick respond will blow you away. Learning so much about such a secretive species was a highlight for me.

Feeding the lemurs during our special tour

Listen For “The Big Cats”

The big cats always get so much of my attention. I truly appreciate how lucky we are to be able to see them up close and learn about their life in the wild and what brought them into captivity. Their personalities are all different and watching them interact with each other and the staff is great.

Make sure to listen for the lion’s roaring and tiger’s “chuffing”. Their communication skills are wild!

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo Active Parents learning about the lions

Did You Know?

If you need a shady break, why not play at the free playground? A great spot to rest, eat and regroup.

BYO food, too! Small treats and snacks are available onsite, but you’re encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and eat at one of the many picnic tables throughout the Zoo.

Be sure to make time for the Animal Shows that happen every 2 hours. They’re a great way for kids to ask questions and see smaller animals up close and personal.

It’s great for grandparents. We saw tons of inter-generational families, so invite them to join you! There’s plenty of seating all throughout the park, and shady spots, which means it’s perfect for me too 🙂

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo wolves and tigers

Tips for Your Visit to Twin Valley Nature Park

Bring your strollers and wagons, the grounds are very wheel friendly.

Pack some bug deterrent if you’re going to take the Nature trail, on humid days the mosquitos are hungry.

The animal food vending machines take quarters, so I’d plan for at least one dollar’s worth per kiddo (goats and deer can be fed)

Take our word for it, Brantford’s Twin Valley Zoo is one attraction you have to visit. And when you go, share your favourite part of your day with us!

Admission, Hours and More

  • Children 2-14 years old = $11.50 (kids under 2 are free with a paying adult)
  • Adults 15-65 years old = $22.00
  • Seniors 65+ years old = 18.50
  • Season Passes are available, too!

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