Mountainside Park in Burlington – 2 Playgrounds in 1 Visit

Janelle and her girls ventured off to Mountainside Park in Burlington recently and were pleasantly surprised with what they found. It has everything for a variety of age groups between its two parks. That’s right, TWO PARKS and playgrounds!

Welcome To Mountainside Park

Mountainside Park in Burlington is centrally located beside Mountainside Community Centre, home to a 50m outdoor pool with diving board and a waterslide! The outdoor spray pad is a kid favourite with its water shooters, dumping/tipping buckets and mini water slides. During regular times, the Community Centre is home to a variety of City and private programs including after school clubs and hockey.

mountainside park burlington

mountainside park burlington

Let’s call the smaller park directly in front of Mountainside Recreation Centre, Park A. Park A is a smaller park, geared towards the under 5 crowd and has mulch for its base. It is bright and colourful and full of fun for toddlers to pre-schoolers. There is a lot of shade near the forest for a quick picnic snack before you adventure off into the forest for a short family-friendly hike over to the other Mountainside Park.

mountainside park burlington

Lots of Space To Explore at Mountainside Park

The trails in and around Mountainside Recreation Centre are perfect for all ages. Mulch ground makes it doable with a stroller. There are many different pathways throughout that intertwine, so you can make the hike a short or as long as you’d like. The forested area includes a few bridges, lots of large tree stumps and plenty of forest animals roaming about. There are some great geocaches hidden there, and this is one of our fave “starter spots” for newbies to geocaching. See the map at the bottom of this post to see an overview of the forested area as well as its relation to the two parks.

mountainside park burlington

Park B, or the other Mountainside Park has plenty of entertainment as well. The playground equipment is perfect for your adventurous toddlers and school-aged kids. Park B has a paved path all around it, a small skate park, a playground, one basketball net as well as a ton of green space.

mountainside park burlington

Mountainside Park is home to a playground designed for adventurous kids, it has so many unique features. Some that I don’t even know what to call them! There’s something here for everyone from swings, to steep slides to monkey bars and more!

mountainside park burlington

You can easily spend a few hours between these parks and the forested area and still not feel ready to go home yet. We definitely recommend checking out these parks.

Mountainside Park A Amenities:

  • Plenty of free parking
  • 2 benches
  • Shade from the nearby forest
  • Small hiking trails connecting the two parks
  • Small playground with mulch as its base
    • Side-by-side slides – perfect for a race
    • Small rope climber
    • Triple bouncer to get those wiggles out
    • 3 regular swings and 1 baby swings

Mountainside Park B Amenities:

  • 4 parking spots
  • 4 benches
  • Shade from the forested area all around it.
  • Small hiking trails connecting the two park
  • Skate park
  • Basketball net
  • Short paved path
  • Playground with mulch as its base
    • 4 regular swings, 1 baby swing and 1 accessibility swing
    • 3 tall steep straights slides and a spiral slide
    • Balance beam
    • Wobble board
    • Triple bouncer
    • Monkey bars
    • Rope climber
    • Wobbly car & place
    • Unknown Contraption

You can visit Mountainside Park at 2205 Mount Forest Drive in Burlington.

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