Chappel East Parkette in Hamilton

Big parks are awesome, but there’s something about having a whole park to yourself that just lets the imagination run wild! Chappel East Parkette, in Hamilton, sometimes referred to as East Chappel Park is just this. The park’s natural elements and massive owl structure make it an ideal setting for imaginative play.

why is chappel east called a “parkette”?

Chappel East Parkette is called a “parkette” because it is smaller than typical parks that are built for growing communities. But don’t let the name fool you, your kids will have hours of fun here. Parents will love that there aren’t dozen and dozens of other kids to account for. Ancaster is also home to a natural parkette. Read on to learn about all of the amenities and equipment at Chappel East.

Chappel East Parkette photo

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the playground at chappel east

Wooden playgrounds are always popular with kids. They provide so many more opportunities for kids to influence the actual play. Chappel East Parkette is home to 5 wooden play structures: pillars/logs in varying heights for balancing and jumping, a saucer swing, some smaller pieces for climbing and pretend-play, and the owl with an attached slide.

The owl serves as the ladder to climb up to the top of the slide. Sit inside the wise old guy and enjoy the quiet escape. The slide is a quick one, so be warned the first time your little ones try it.

owl structure at chappel east park hamilton
owl structure at chappel east park hamilton
owl structure at chapel east park hamilton

what ages will like this natural playground?

While all parks are built for kids to enjoy, if you’ve got a toddler or child who isn’t a confident walker yet, some of the pieces at Chappel East Parkette like the logs and the acorn will be hard to balance on. The owl was a challenge for our resident toddler to get up and down as well, but it makes a perfect clubhouse for slightly older kids.

swings at chappel east playground
wooden play structures at hamilton parkette

everything you need to know about chappel east parkette

  • Located off Wentworth street, which is a fairly busy street for playground parking and getting in and out of the car
  • Free street parking
  • The small parkette, features 5 natural play structures
  • Wood chip ground surface
  • Paved walkway encircling the play equipment
  • Benches to watch children play
  • The biggest draw is the giant wooden owl that you can both climb outside (has climbing wall grips) and inside – hollow with multiple levels to climb up into, a viewing area and a large slide down
  • The slide was pretty steep and very fast! (especially for a toddler!)
  • Park itself was very quiet, tucked behind houses in a subdivision
  • Lots of adventurous play options older kids will enjoy

Chappel East Parkette is located at 1837 Upper Wentworth Street in Hamilton.

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