Park Profile: Burlington’s New Central Park

Burlington’s Central Park is aptly named because it’s smack dab in the middle of an area filled with things to do for families. The playground was just renovated, and here is what you can expect to see!


Located at 2299 New Street in Burlington, Central Park is a highly visited location for families all year long. It shares a parking lot with the central branch of the Burlington Public Library, and is adjacent to Central Arena and the New Street Seniors Centre. It’s also home to my favourite Burlington attraction, the Teen Tour Band.

The playground was great before – according to my kids – but after visiting it today (alone) I know they’ll love the new features even more. Plus, who doesn’t love a shiny new playground to play at?

Central Park playground

Some of these apparatuses I’ve never seen before, so I have no idea what to call them…except “awesome”! They offer new ways to climb and balance and work those muscles. Kids need to challenge themselves, and this park will do that. They also provide new ways for kids to use their imaginations – what will they tun those funky boulders into?

Central Park playground

Central Park playground

Balancing and adventure walking will be a big hit when you visit. The new equipment offers many ways to move throughout the playground.

Central Park playground

There are slides in every size and shape at Central Park, which are perfect for catering to kids of varying ages. The new playground has the same number of swings as before: 4 big swings, 1 baby swing and 1 special needs swing.

Central Park playground

Central Park playground


Central Park Amenities

  • Playground amenities include
    • Swing: 4 big swings, 1 baby swing, 1 special needs swing
    • Rock climbing boulders
    • Stationary Jeep
    • general store / restaurant
    • Ride-on elephant
    • rubberized playground surface
    • various slides in various heights
    • lots of climbing and balancing apparatuses
  • Central Library
  • Central arena
  • Baseball diamond
  • Soccer field
  • Central Park Bandshell
  • Community garden
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Central Park Labyrinth
  • Home of the Teen Tour Band
  • Drury Lane Theatre
  • Burlington Lawn Bowling Club, Senior’s Centre, Tennis Club, and Rotary Youth Centre

Central Park is located at 2255 New Street in Burlington.



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