Perth Park – A Natural Playground in Ancaster

Perth Park is a natural playground in Ancaster. Natural playgrounds are still unique in this area, so when we find one it’s big news! We’ve long loved Exhibition Park in Guelph, but if you’re looking for something closer to home, try Perth Park in Ancaster. 

Welcome to Perth Park in Ancaster

We stumbled upon this park by chance and it was a welcome surprise. My girls are big climbers and natural playgrounds allow for so much more than a regular set of monkey bars does. There’s just something about the massive logs that inspires kids to use their creativity and tap into their courage to climb, climb, climb! 

what is a "natural playground"?

The name “natural playground” may sound fancy, but you can make one in your own local park or backyard! The main goal is to create an immersive experience with nature. We want kids to look at a tree stump and see a rocket launchpad, a dinner table, a high-dive board, or a balance beam. Giving kids a blank slate with natural, sometimes moveable, play pieces lets them design and redesign their make-believe play. More and more schools are opting to invest in natural playgrounds for their schoolyards, and we couldn’t be happier!

Perth Park Amenities

  • Natural, log climbers
  • 1 big kid swing and 1 baby swing
  • A tunnel/tube for climbing and exploring
  • Big rocks, perfect for sitting, standing, hiding and climbing
  • Lots of trees for shade
  • A medium-size hill that’s perfect for running and rolling down
  • Covered gazebo with bench
  • No Park Parking, must street park nearby