How To Donate Your Pumpkin Near Hamilton and Halton

Did you know you can donate your pumpkin after Halloween? Give that gourd one more kick at the can and donate it to a worthy cause like these locations that will use it to feed the animals in their care. *Updated for 2023*

IMPORTANT: In talking with Ontario Parks, they’ve asked everyone to NOT dump their pumpkins in parks or conservation areas. While it may seem harmless, leftover seeds will eventually grow into plants, taking up space and resources other plants need to survive. Over time they replace the natural food sources for animals and become a problematic invasive species. Please be cautious of where you place your pumpkins.

Pumpkin Donations Near Me and You

Once your pumpkin is done decorating your porch, pass it on to delight even more crowds!

Bradley Museum – Drop your pumpkin off for its last hurrah! Wander the pumpkin-lit path at Bradley while enjoying spooky music and admiring the creativity of your neighbours. Complete a scavenger hunt and get a prize. Pumpkins are recycled at the end of the evening.

Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate is hosting a Pumpkin Parade. Drop off your pumpkin, and enjoy stories, treats, and of course, the Pumpkin Parade! Pumpkins will then be distributed to local farms to help feed their animals.

Twin Valley Nature Park is the best spot to donate if you are in the Brantford area because they use them to entertain, stimulate and feed the animals in their care. Contact them to see if they’re accepting when you’re ready to big a fond farewell to your squash.

What Bin Does My Pumpkin Go In?

Can’t make it to a pumpkin drop off near you? You can also choose to put your pumpkins at the curb for the garbage pick up, make sure to put them out on your Yard Waste collection day as per Hamilton and Halton region, not in your green bin. You can just leave them on the curb, no need for them to be in a yard waste bag.

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