2023 Best Decorated Halloween Houses with Maps and Photos

Halloween homes decked out in their creepy decorations are my favourite part of the season and we have a list of local must-see homes that went all out this year!

This list all started in 2018 when I found myself wondering “Where are the best Halloween houses near me?” I love seeing the scary and spooky decorations people come up with! Everyone who loves Halloween really loves Halloween – they go over the top with their front yard decor using sound, lights and even animatronics!

Drive or walk around your area to see the scariest, spookiest and downright fangtasic Halloween displays in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. The whole family will love it, and it costs next to nothing. Load your car with your kids in their jammies, some snacks and hot chocolate or apple cider and be prepared to be wowed by your community’s creativity!

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Click here for the Google map of Halloween Houses

The Best Halloween House Decorations in Burlington

3216 Robert Street, Burlington

1341 Bryanston Court, Burlington

1267 Richmond Road, Burlington

2106 Edinburgh Drive, Burlington

766 Ashley Avenue, Burlington

499 Fothergill Blvd., Burlington

510 Wicklow Road, Burlington

2166 Longshire Drive in Burlington

2935 Headon Forest Drive, Burlington

320 Walkers Line, Burlington

Blackburn Court, Burlington

2478 Longshire Drive, Burlington

1140 Forestvale Drive, Burlington – this one is amazing! Definitely stop by. Also collecting food bank donations.

2370 Arnold Cres, Burlington

5330 McCormack Drive, Burlington

104 Graham Ave North, Burlington

699 Marley Road (Unit 17-19) – Please do not park in the complex, these are all reserved parking spaces for the residents. 

3357 Palmer Dr, Burlington
4823 Thomas Alton Blvd, Burlington

23 Lupo Dr, Waterdown

2440 Sinclair Circle, Burlington

5340 Haldimand Cres, Burlington

484 Falgarwood Drive, Burlington

Best Halloween Decorated Houses in Oakville

45 Nadia Place, Oakville – you gotta stop in here!

111 Solingate Drive, Oakville – confirmed for 2023! Pretty scary at night and one of our favourites to visit.

1383 Pineway, Oakville

2389 Fundy, Oakville
2093 Oak Springs Rd, Oakville

Haunted Houses Halloween In Hamilton

256 East 11th St., Hamilton – walk through haunted house open until 8pm (9pm weekends)

132 Cumberland Avenue, Hamilton

107 Colcrest Street, Hamilton

4 Howard Blvd., Waterdown

27 Purdy Cres., Hamilton

89 Somerset Avenue, Hamilton – best visited on Halloween night as most decorations go out then!

3 Twin Court, Hamilton

38 Beechwood Ave., Hamilton

117 East 38th Street, Hamilton

12 Granton St in West Hamilton

63 Crosthwaite Ave N. in Hamilton, collecting cans and non-perishable items for food drive.

356 East 25th Street, Hamilton

34 Argyle Avenue, Hamilton

259 Bonaventure Dr., Hamilton

383 Herkimer St., Hamilton

29 Lorraine Drive, Hamilton

92 Park Row South, Hamilton

145 Normanhurst Ave., Hamilton

211 Rexford Drive, Hamilton

77 National Dr, Hamilton

74 Rosemont Ave, Hamilton

32 Fraser Ave, Hamilton

1162 West 5th St, Hamilton

135 Wexford Ave South, Hamilton

606 Upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton

440 Melvin Ave, Hamilton

23 Newlands Ave, Hamilton

449 Roymor Cres, Ancaster (collecting for food drive)

107 Palmer Rd, Hamilton

23 Lamb Crt, Hamilton

701 Centre Road, Hamilton

85 London St N, Hamilton

8 Braemar Place, Hamilton

44 West 1st St, Hamilton

1452 Monterey Ave, Hamilton

15 Huxley Ave S Hamilton

42 Weir St N, Hamilton

44-1049 Rymal Road East, Hamilton

274 East 14th St, Hamilton

93 Deschene Ave, Hamilton

109 Strathearne Ave, Hamilton

81 Park Row South, Hamilton

78 Park Row South, Hamilton
161 Province St S, Hamilton

Scary Homes of Stoney Creek

25 Springwood Drive, Stoney Creek

265 Montreal Circle, Stoney Creek

21 Yorkdale Crescent, Stoney Creek

27 John Murray Street, Stoney Creek

71 Henley Dr, Stoney Creek

67 Glenashton Dr , Stoney Creek

82 Teal Ave. , Stoney Creek

22 Audubon St South , Stoney Creek – most decor goes out on Halloween night

Mausoleums In Milton

744 Roseheath Dr, Milton – 6 to 11 p.m., donations appreciated to Oakville and Milton Humane Society – could be cash, blankets, towels, toys or food.

622 Sunnyvale Cres, Milton

974 Cousens Terrace, Milton

Mysterious Mississauga

2471 Oak Row Cres, Mississauga
3065 Lenester Dr, Unit 1, Mississauga

Click here for the Google map of Halloween Houses


Treat the homes and their amazing displays with care. Don’t walk onto the property unless you are invited. Keep pets on leashes. Thank and celebrate the creators – they do this for YOU to enjoy!

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