Things To Do Indoors

No matter what your feelings are towards the Coronavirus pandemic, we all love great ways to keep our families calm and connected. If you feel like staying home to reduce your risk, here are 30+ things to do indoors with your family.


I’m a mom, and I know the current climate is causing our house some unusual anxiety, so I feel like I can relate to each of you out here. One thing that helps me is a list. It helps me exhale and realign my priorities, which are my family and their health. If you feel like you’d rather stay home – do it. Do what makes you feel best. Everything else is secondary.

Because I know how many of you are feeling, I whipped up a list of things I can turn to when and if we want to be at home, instead of outdoors. I’m sharing it to help anyone else who loves having a plan of attack for the next few weeks.



Things To Do Indoors as a Family

Introduce the kids to one of your favourite movies from your childhood. The Parent Trap? Mrs Doubtfire? Back to the Future?


Start a YouTube channel to share your family’s silliness with relatives. Did you know that channels can be private? They’re also a fun “screen time” activity for kids.


Make this super easy recipe for play dough.


Whoop your kid’s butts at Wii Sports – or any other video game you’re good at!


Have your kids pick a topic and research it together. Topics like why do we have daylight savings time? How are pencils made? Who created paper?


Bake and decorate a cake – just because you’re the best parent ever. Get some inspiration here.


Teach your kids a new game: checkers, chess, crazy 8’s, Battleship, euchre – the list is endless.


Get a jump on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts with these adorable DIY mugs.


FaceTime a friend or family member – local or living abroad – it’s always fun to see those we love.


Family Dance Party!


Have you read our post on Postcrossing? It’s an international postcard pen-pal service and it’s amazing.


Boardgames. Play all the boardgames you own.


Have you ever done Go Noodle videos with your kids? They’re popular in elementary schools, and a great way to get kids moving indoors, or to calm their bodies with kid-friendly yoga.


Teach your kiddos a skill. Let them help with a home repair you’ve been putting off, teach them how to add laundry soap to the washing machine, or how to roll a pair of socks. And they’re the perfect height to unload a dishwasher!




Things The Kids Can Do Indoors

Build a puzzle. Just don’t tell the kids how awesome puzzles are for learning.


Break out the Lego and blocks and replicate your neighbourhood.


Set up some make-believe play – a vet’s office, a doctor’s office, your own school or be a car mechanic!


Grab some play dough and play “guess what I’m sculpting” – 1 point for every correct guess!


Learn a new dance move – Can you do those Fortnite dances? Your kids can probably teach you, mine taught me!


Set up a salon and offer manis, pedis, shaves with real shaving cream, and fancy hair-dos to your little customers. If you’re brave enough, you could even be the customer.


Build a fort. Or up your fort game like these folks did. #2 is a personal fave.


Let your kids go to the museum – virtually! Here are 12 museums that offer virtual tours – so cool!


After you’ve used up your stockpile of toilet paper (I see you!) use the tubes in over 101 different ways with this list from Northshore Parent! I love Wonder Woman cuffs!


Make a home movie – act out a scene from your favourite TV show or movie, write and record your own play, or sing a song for the camera!


Have a bubble bath with every single one of your bath toys.


Let the kids make the adults’ breakfast/lunch/dinner. And don’t forget to smile while eating it!


Stay in your pajamas all day long. Because you can.


Have an indoor picnic. We put a plastic table cloth down so it’s worry-free.


Make a marble or pom pom tunnel – so fun and so easy!


Have some fun with science and make a marshmallow catapult. I’m serious, it looks awesome.


Use up some of the thousands of Perler beads your kid has. These ideas will have you covered for gifts all year!


I’m not a fan of spiders, but I LOVE this sticky spiderweb. And it’s an active, mess-free game!


There’s no school today, so throwing paper air planes is permitted! Check out this easy to make hanging target!


Did someone say backwards day? Wear your clothes backwards, call each other by your middle names, walk backwards, eat breakfast for dinner, and most importantly – eat dessert first!


Write some letters to friends and family – everyone loves getting something in the mail!


There is nothing wrong with a little screen time. Everyone can use some time to just #NetflixandChill


If you have tweens and kids who are asking a lot of question s, try CBC Kids News. My 11-year-old loves it as it answers her questions with facts and zero drama.



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If you start to feel cabin fever setting in and want to get some fresh air, we have a list of Things To Do Outdoors as well. They all encourage “social distancing” so no crowds or indoor public spaces.


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