“Would You Rather” – Kids Edition!

These are the “Would You Rather” questions for kids I’ve been asking my girls live on our Virtual Pajama Parties on Facebook. You asked for our list, and here it is! We hope they inspire some zany conversations at your home, too!

“Would You Rather” Questions for Kids


Would you rather discover a hidden treasure or discover a living dinosaur?

… go to the movies or go to a waterpark?

… be friends with Superman or Spiderman?

… go bungee jumping or go on the tallest roller coaster?

… go ice skating or tobogganing?

… have really small hands or really big feet?

… read minds or be invisible?

… have French fries or chocolate cake?

… be a police officer or a doctor?

Would you rather play paintball or laser tag?

… play the guitar or the piano?

… not be allowed to watch T.V. for a year or not be allowed to eat any sweets for a year?

… have a car that can fly or go underwater?

… be the smartest person in the world or the best athlete in the world?

… have butterfly wings or a lizard tail?

… have wings but you can’t fly or have gills but you can’t swim underwater?

Would you rather be able to change the colour of your hair whenever you want or be able to change the length of your hair whenever you want?

… live in the sky or under the sea?

… have a hand twice as big or half as small?

… have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon?

… always have to enter rooms by announcing your name or always have to do cartwheels out?

… eat doughnuts or candy?

… fly a kite or ride on a scooter?

… have an extra finger or an extra toe?


More Questions for Kids…

Would you rather be a famous singer or a famous actor?

… be able to fly or be invisible?

… live in the desert or on a deserted island?

… live in a mansion in the city or on a farm with lots of animals?

… have 5 brothers or 5 sisters?

… meet a superhero or a cartoon character?

… be an Olympic athlete or the Prime Minister?

… live without music or without movies?

… be a master at painting or an amazing dancer?

… on the Moon or live on Mars?

… meet your favourite celebrity or be in a movie?

… only be able to whisper or have an incredibly loud voice?

… have a pool or a trampoline?

Would you rather be a doctor or a scientist?

… go to the zoo or an aquarium?

… be really fast or really strong?

… set the table before dinner or wash the dishes after dinner?

… live in the North Pole or the South Pole?

… have 3 legs or 3 arms?

… see a giant ant or a tiny giraffe?

… always be dressed up or always wear your pyjamas?

… go for a drive in a convertible or a double-decker bus?

… have to wear a clown wig or a clown nose for the rest of your life?

And a few more questions…

Would you rather only be able to wear your swimsuit for the rest of your life or only be able to wear pants and a winter coat?

… eat pizza or chips?

… have a pet hamster or a pet cat?

… eat hamburgers or hot dogs?

… be an art teacher or a physical education teacher?

… eat a dead spider or a live worm?

… have a picnic in a park or on the beach?

… be the worst player on a team that always wins or the best player on a team that always loses?

… have one eye in the middle of your head or two noses?

… see a firework display or go to a concert?

… go water skiing or snow skiing?

… be able to control the weather or have the ability to talk to animals?

… have a bucket stuck on your head or a cement block stuck on your foot?

… jump into a pool of chocolate pudding or a pool of strawberry ice cream?

Would you rather eat pizza for every meal or ice cream for every meal?

… have a green nose or pink ears?

… moo like a cow after every sentence or bark like a dog?

… have a pet panda bear or a pet zebra?

… have lived in the 1870s or in the 1970s?

… shovel snow or rake leaves?

… be the fastest person in the world or can freeze time?

… play soccer or baseball?

… be able to live 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future?

… speak every language or play every instrument?

… live without a TV or without a phone?

… be a bird or a horse?

…have a new cool shirt in your closet every morning or a new pair of shoes once a week?

Would you rather play in the snow in the mountains or in the sand at the beach?

… go to the doctor or the dentist?

… fly a helicopter or a commercial plane?

… have breakfast on the Eiffel tower or dinner in a castle?

… give up eating sweets or give up eating fast food?

… live where it is always dark outside or always light outside?


These 80+ conversation starters were gathered from all over the place! Thank you to the families who shared their favourite questions for kids with us so we could make this article happen. If you’ve got a great way to encourage kiddos to think big, please share it with us in the comments below!


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