Hamilton Area Summer Camps With Single Day Booking

Booking camps days individually for your kids instead of committing to a whole week offers flexibility and freedom. With this approach, you can tailor activities to suit your child’s interests and energy levels each day. It allows for spontaneity, enabling you to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or events.

Additionally, booking one day at a time avoids wasted days when your child may not feel like participating or when other obligations arise. This method fosters a sense of independence in children as they learn to plan and organize their time. Ultimately, it ensures a more enjoyable and personalized experience for both parents and kids.

There are countless reasons why parents and kids prefer booking single days of camp. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Flexibility: Parents appreciate the ability to choose specific days for their child to attend summer camp, accommodating their family’s schedule without committing to a full week.
  • Personalization: Booking single days allows parents to tailor their child’s camp experience to their interests, ensuring they participate in activities they enjoy.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Opting for individual days can be more economical for families, as they only pay for the days their child attends rather than a full week.
  • Reduced Commitment: Some parents prefer the flexibility of booking single days as it minimizes their commitment, allowing them to test the camp environment or accommodate varying summer plans.
  • Convenience: Booking individual days makes it easier to manage conflicting appointments or events, ensuring their child can still participate in summer camp while accommodating other activities.

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Summer Camps With Single Day Options in Hamilton

AiDa | Academy of Imagination & Dramatic Arts Camp
AiDa | Academy of Imagination & Dramatic Arts, established in 2015, is award-winning mission/community-driven arts education focused on fostering imagination, creativity, and self-discovery through diverse programs for all ages! (NEW adult acting class in Spring!) Offering Fall, Winter, Spring Acting Classes for kids Grades JK/SK- Grade 8. REGISTRATION OPEN for AiDa’s innovative Drama, Nature, Art Camps:  March Break and Summer (July-August, some weeks w/wait lists)! For kids SK-Grade 8. Book early! For secondary students, AiDa’s Youth Initiative; Mentor Leaders (14+) provides an opportunity to volunteer and earn community service credit while gaining tools and strategies for success.
Oxford Learning Stoney Creek
Oxford Learning Stoney Creek presents the perfect balance of learning and fun! Each week of the summer, we will feature a different theme combining reading, writing, math, crafts, and much more! Themes will include: Dinosaurs, French is Fantastic, Let's make a Stop-motion Movie, Science is Awesome, and Superheroes. Camps will run 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday. Weekly fee: $300, but discounts are available if you enrol multiple children or for multiple weeks. Spaces are already filling up, so call us at 905-664-9449 or email stoneycreek@oxfordlearning today! Camps are suitable for kids in JK through Grade 6.
Stoney Creek
Camp Wild Rock
Camp Wild Rock, hosted by Church on the Rock, in Mount Hope, is a dynamic and exciting summer day camp where kids can make new friends and embrace their sense of adventure.
Learning with Lexie
Focused on building communication, self-expression and confidence, awareness and mindfulness through the art of creativity, music, imaginative play, nature, exploration, and literacy.  
Peaz in a Pod
Kids will explore the wonders of the kitchen, learn hands-on cooking techniques, and discover the joy of teamwork and problem-solving while embracing diverse flavors and cuisines.
Rooting For You Summer Camp
This social skills camp will include social conversation skills, perspective taking & negotiation skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills and planning & engineering skills as they work together to design and create a unique project that represents their ideas and interests as a team. For kids aged 8-13. Running August 12-16/24.
Wellness Through Self-Expression Summer Camp
This camp will focus on self-regulation, emotional regulation, creating positive peer interactions run by Occupational Therapists and our Mental Health team. For kids aged 7-10. Running July 15-19/24.
Wentworth Sports Complex
Programs offered by Wentworth Sports Complex include youth & adult soccer clinics & leagues, baseball classes and Little League, youth flag football leagues, learn to skate, hockey clinics and leagues & camps. Wentworth rinks and fields may be rented. There are pre-school and adult drop-in programs. When school is out we offer PA Day, holiday, March Break & Summer camps including Nature Camp.
1249 Wilson St East, Hamilton

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