Cross-Country Skiing Near Hamilton and Burlington

Cross-Country skiing in the Burlington and Hamilton areas is a great way to get outside and be active, all while maintaining a safe physical distance. Here’s where you can cross-country ski near you.

Fresh air and physical activity are essential now and always and if you’re looking for a great workout, cross-country skiing is an ideal winter activity for you. It’s a great cardio workout and anyone of any age can do it with kids some skis, boots and poles.

Cross-Country Skiing in Milton

Crawford Lake Conservation Area offers 3 cross-country ski trails on escarpment trails through woods and fields. It is also the site of a rare meromictic lake and a reconstructed Iroquoian village. No ski rentals. The prime skiing season is from January to March. Admission required.

Hilton Falls Conservation Area has 3 trails with a total of 15 km for skiing. The trails take you through escarpment woods and beaver meadows. No ski rentals are available for the 2021-2022 season. Admission required.

Kelso Conservation Area – closed for the season.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area – closed for the season.

Cross-Country Skiing in Hamilton

“While Hamilton Conservation Authority does not groom or maintain trails specific to cross country skiing, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of great places to go! The trails on the south side of Christie Lake can be challenging in some areas but also very fun. Use the Round the Lake Trail and you’ll get to ski across the dam. The Reforestation and G. Donald Trails in the Dundas Valley will be of particular interest to those looking for more challenging hills. Users are reminded to stay on the trail.” Admission required.

Cross-Country Skiing in Burlington

Tyandaga Golf Course in Burlington is open for cross-country skiing. There is no fee to use the grounds.

Mountsberg Conservation Area has 2 ski trails run along the shoreline, through woods and sugar bush. They take you along the Wildlife Walkway with bison, elk, and birds of prey enclosures. No ski rentals are available. Admission required.

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