Where To Donate Your Christmas Tree

Once it’s served its duty as the centrepiece of your Christmas events, give that tree a proud sendoff. These spots would appreciate your old, undecorated Christmas Tree.


If you still need to pick up your fresh tree, we know where to find the best pre-cut or cut-your-own Christmas Tree farms in Hamilton and Halton.


Royal Botanical Gardens – Royal Botanical Gardens appreciates the generosity of its community members that take the time to donate their Christmas trees each year. Used Christmas trees assist our conservation efforts in re-building creek channels on our waterways. These channels facilitate the regrowth of marsh plants and create habitat for native fish and wildlife. Click here to pre-register your tree delivery. Deliveries must be pre-registered.


Brant-Brantford Twin Valley Zoo uses your old Christmas tree as food and enrichment for their animals. You can drop off your tree, free from tinsel, fake snow, hooks and anything else, at 84 Langford Church Rd in Brantford. Leave it in the designated spot, behind the little house near the shed. 


Donations are limited, so if you can’t give your tree to one of these great spots, the garbage collectors will pick it up curbside.