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high school students earning volunteer hours

15 Ways To Earn High School Volunteer Hours

No one expects a grade 9 student to know what they want to be when they grow up, so if your high school student hasn’t identified their passion or skill yet, don’t worry. We’ve got great suggestions on how to earn those volunteer hours, and maybe unlock a hidden passion or talent!

Winter Break Camps in Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville

Winter camps during school breaks offer children a fantastic opportunity to stay active, engaged, and socialize in a supervised and enriching environment. These camps provide a break from routine, encouraging kids to explore new activities, make friends, and learn valuable skills in a fun setting.

How To Get Scholarships in Canada

Discover a wealth of educational opportunities in Canada through scholarships. Learn about eligibility criteria, application processes, and funding sources for pursuing your academic future.

Educational Things To Do With Kids - Library

20+ Secretly Educational Things To Do With Kids

Are you looking for educational things to do with your kids? Whether it’s a homeschool day, a PD Day or a school break, these ideas will entertain your crew while also teaching them a little something. We won’t tell them if you won’t!