100 Things For 100th Day at School

Many schools celebrate “100th Day” and a big part of celebrating the 100th day of school is trading and counting your “100 things”. If your kids want to bring in “100 things”, we’ve got the biggest list with 50 of the best ideas!

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100 Things for 100th Day at School

Get your kids involved in the collecting, choosing and sorting of items for the 100th day of school. The more they are involved, the more excited they’ll be! And don’t forget, you don’t have to bring in 100 of just one item, let your kids mix and match and bring in an assortment of 100 items to trade and share with their classmates. Side note, can you believe it’s been 100 days of school already?

Beads (and leave them at school for crafts)
Beer caps
Bobby pins
Bouncy balls
Candy pieces

Cotton balls are easy to carry
Dried beans
Envelopes are inexpensive and kids love them
Facial tissues
Friendship pins
Googly eyes are a top vote from my kids
Index cards
Lego pieces
Milk tags – stay saving them now LOL!
Nails/screws, but be safe!
Odd socks
Pennies if you can still find them
Pipe cleaners
Playing cards from all of those incomplete decks
Pom Poms
Popsicle sticks
Popcorn kernels
Post-it notes
Puzzle pieces for that puzzle missing a piece already
Rubber bands
Small pasta noodle
Straws – paper if possible!
Temporary tattoos
Trading Cards
Twist ties
Wet naps – these will be a hot commodity!
Wine corks
Wooden blocks
Wooden skewers
Ziplock bags so each kiddo has a carrying case for their loot

Whew! How about that list?! Thanks to our readers who helped us come up with these ideas. You can add to our list with a comment and tell us what your kids are taking “100” of for the 100th day of school! And be sure to check out this Pinterest board with crafty ways to celebrate 100 days of school.

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