William Connell Park in Hamilton Has TWO Playgrounds

When you visit William Connell Park in Hamilton you’ll be treated to a combination of a natural playground, a traditional playground, and more sports fields than you could imagine!

SPRING NOTE: Contractors will be on-site to install a new wheelchair accessible swing between the existing playground and spray pad. All park assets will remain open for public use; however, some interruptions can be expected. (Source)

There’s nothing I love more than a good playground recommendation, and when an Active Parents fans sent us a few Instagram photos of a new park she found, we just had to visit! William Connell Park delivered a great afternoon for my kids, and I know your kids will love a visit too!

Sports Fields Galore

When we first arrived we took our basketballs and soccer ball to play in the fenced court. I love that the court is fenced in because then all of our wild shots didn’t have us running all over the park to retrieve the balls. It also had built-in hockey nets that we used to practice our soccer skills. again, thankful for the fences to keep the balls close by. There were also a regulation-size football field and soccer field, which are both fenced off, and can be used if you book a permit with the city of Hamilton.

william connell park

William Connell Park in Hamilton

Traditional Playground

After we were done being sports superstars, we played at the traditional playground. It’s not very big but it had some apparatuses we hadn’t seen before, so my kids liked it. There were various ways to climb, swing, and balance which my adventurous kids like.

William Connell Park in Hamilton
William Connell Park in Hamilton

Natural Playground

The natural playground at William Connell Park was fantastic. We played many games of “the floor as lava”, and the various ways to climb and balance really challenged my 10-year-old. It even challenged her mom! The beauty of the natural playground is that it gives the kids tons of opportunities to use their imagination. Balancing, jumping, and climbing are so good for kids in so many different ways. Another great park addition in Hamilton.

William Connell natural playground in Hamilton

William Connell Park Amenities

  • Traditional playground:
    • Multiple slides and various sizes
    • A variety of climbers
    • Teetertotters and spinning apparatuses
    • Lots of ways to climb and balance
    • Ground covering = wood chips
  • Natural playground:
  • Fenced-in basketball court with permanent hockey nets
  • Football field and soccer field with use by permit only
  • Paved paths throughout the entire property make it very stroller-friendly and scooter-friendly
  • There were washrooms, but they weren’t open when we were there.
  • Ample parking near both playgrounds

William Connell Park is located at 1086 West 5th Street, Hamilton.

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