Tobogganing Hills in Burlington

Tobogganing Hills in Burlington
February 26, 2020 Amber Rohal

Tobogganing is a popular winter activity that promotes active living and family fun in the community. The City of Burlington has designated six locations that are safe for tobogganing.





Play Safe!   Here are a few tips to play safely while tobogganing

  • Toboggan during daylight hours, not when it is dark.
  • Toboggan when the hill is snow-covered, not when it is icy or bare.
  • Check the hill and make sure it is free of obstacles and toboggan in the designated area.
  • Wear a helmet designed for winter sports.
  • Use a toboggan that is in good shape and has brakes and steering.
  • Avoid wearing scarves or any clothing that could get caught in a toboggan and cause injury.
  • Always sit down and face-forward on a toboggan.
  • Do not build jumps or other obstacles on the toboggan hill.
  • Walk up the side of the hill and leave the middle open for others coming down the hill.
  • If you fall off of your toboggan, move out of the way to avoid being hit.


*Reminder that tobogganing is an activity that you do at your own risk. The city is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to your personal items.   Find more info here.


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