Memorial Park In Oakville

Memorial Park is a beautiful hidden gem in North East Oakville. In this brand-new park, kids of all ages can find something to do to keep themselves happy and busy playing. Apart from the usual plastic slides and swings, the park is full of natural touches that give the playground a real woodsy feeling. This park has so much to offer from accessible parking to a water fountain and other amenities.

Oakville’s Memorial Park may be hard to find because it is part of a much bigger park called Oak Park. Parking is adjacent to the playground and there are about 8 parking spots on the side of the road. There are also lots of on-street parking spots nearby.

The playground is divided into two sections, one where little kids can play and one for older kids. The playground for younger kids is equipped with a small slide (currently closed for finishing touches), an adorable climber with an elephant and a monkey on it, and a log tunnel for kids to crawl through or over.

Be sure to try out the 3 rocking horses, a music set including a piano and drums, and a play car that kids can steer.

Memorial Park slides

the playground at memorial park

The play structure at Memorial Park in Oakville is geared towards older kids and has 4 slides, one long, one twisty, and two small. The playground features really innovative structures, different from the regular slides, ladders, and stairs. There is a spinning chair and a variety of climbing bars at different heights.

The swing set includes 2 baby swings, 2 regular swings, 1 swing for special needs kids, and a fun saucer swing. Perhaps the main attraction, though, is the bright red tractor. The tractor can fit a group of about 6 kids, who can play in it and pretend to drive it.

A small concern is a fence next to the road. This fence is sturdy enough but leaves a gap that kids could easily run through onto the road. The playground has 4 benches where parents can sit and watch their children play and make sure they don’t run off.

The floor of the playground is very good quality, with rubbery wood chips that are soft so kids don’t hurt themselves. The look of wood chips without the mess!

Memorial Park saucer swing

Much More Than Just a Playground

The playground at Memorial Park is amazing, yet there are a lot of other exciting things to see. Enjoy the hiking and biking paths, and the greenery. Take some time to sit beside the beautiful pond and watch the ducks. There is also a dog park, so bring your four-legged friends, and meet some new furry pals, too.

Closer to the playground, you can find a hill covered in plants. In the winter, this is a great tobogganing hill for older kids, but is not ideal for younger kids, because if they can’t control the sled, they will end up sledding onto the frozen pond.

There is also a painting by a local artist in the park, called “Hope is The Thing With Feathers”. This is a gorgeous wall mural with an intricately painted bench, that features used masks sent in from residents of Oakville. You may not notice the masks at first, but they are woven into the painting and make a great background for a picture of your kids.

Far from the fumes of the road, Memorial Park in Oakville is also home to a garden full of plants. You can rent space in this garden and grow your own plants, right in the middle of town! This creates a really fun learning opportunity for kids of all ages, as they can see how tomatoes, green beans, peppers and lots of other plants grow.

Art installation at Memorial Park in Oakville
Gardens at Memorial Park in Oakville

excellent amenities and facilities

There isn’t much shade at the playground other than the large overhang in front of the bathroom building, but sitting near a bathroom is not ideal. Although it lacks a little shade on a sunny day, Memorial Park is already an amazing park and it is not even finished yet!

Next to the playground, there is a fenced-off construction site where new facilities for the park are being built. A sign says there will be an activity court featuring game tables, a full-sized basketball court, an ornamental trellis feature, multiple seating elements and related landscaping.

You won’t be disappointed in Memorial park’s facilities either. There are several washroom stalls in a brand-new, clean, well-lit building. A water fountain and a bottle filler can also be found at the playground. However, the washroom may not be finished yet as the biggest stall has a promising wall hook for a changing table.

Memorial park Amenities

  • Free parking adjacent to the playground
  • A playground
    • Partially fenced in
    • A soft rubber floor (imitation of wood chips)
    • 6 swings (2 big, 2 baby, 1 special needs and 1 Saucer Swing)
    • An imaginative play parts (piano, drums, tractor, car steering wheels)
    • 5 slides
    • 3 rocking horses
    • 1 spinning chair
  • Benches at the playground
  • Water bottle refill station and water fountain
  • Walking and biking paths
  • Washrooms

What is near Memorial Park:

  • An art mural
  • A hill overlooking Oak Park and the pond (great for sledding in winter)
  • A dog park
  • Fruit and vegetable allotment slots

Tips for your visit:

  • Bring a refillable water bottle
  • Walk around the fruit and vegetable gardens, the beautiful art installation, and climb up and down a little hill to see the ducks at the pond
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Memorial Park is located at 120 Oak Park Blvd., in Oakville

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Oakville's Memorial Park climber

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