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How to Write Mindful Letters To Santa

How to Write Mindful Letters To Santa
November 13, 2019 Amber Rohal

Writing letters to Santa is one of the ways many of us kick off the season, and this week, I learned the most wonderful way to construct a mindful letter to Santa, filled with kindness and gratitude.


I’ve long been guilty of telling the kids to “Put it on your Christmas list” when they ask for anything after Halloween, but this year, after some great insight from Rochelle, a friend of mine, I had a new approach to the letters our family wrote to Santa.


We dug out the special paper with the seasonal border and some fancy pens and markers. But before we put pen to paper, we talked about what to include in our letters.


The 4 Steps to Writing Mindful Letters to Santa


Again, thank you to Rochelle to these tips!

  1. Tell Santa who is writing to him
  2. Tell Santa one thing you are grateful for
  3. Thank someone at the North Pole (amazing right?!)
  4. Ask for one thing you’d really like to receive this year

That’s it.


So simple, but it will really make your kids stop and reflect, instead of just dishing out their demands.


Don’t forget to mail your letters to Santa by December 12, 2019 to give him enough time to respond before his busiest night of the year! All of the info Parents need is right here.




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