Letters to Santa – Important Dates For Parents!

It’s time to make your list, and check it twice, and hope that Santa sees you when you’re being nice! Today, let’s write letters to Santa. He’ll write back, too!

These are some impressive statistics, directly from the North Pole!

Letters to Santa Active Parents
image courtesy of Canada Post


There’s room for everyone on the Nice List! Santa’s Canada Post volunteer elves are ready to help answer your letters to Santa in more than 30 languages, including Braille!


There are 3 things to remember when sending your letter to Santa:

  1. Make sure to include your full return address. Santa may know where you live, but his postal elves need this information to deliver your letter!
  2. Santa really loves to read about children’s favourite sports, jokes, school activities or family fun (even if Mom and Dad help with the writing). And, of course, he loves to get pictures and drawings from even his youngest pen pals!
  3. Send your letter soon. December 10 is the last day to mail letters to Santa (it’s a long way to the North Pole and back!). Letters mailed after December 10 may not receive a reply before Christmas. Bonus: no postage required!


Santa Claus

North Pole

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The Canada Post website has a variety of printable stationery pages, including some fill-in-the-blank style for early writers. And Santa’s Village at Canada Post has thought of everything, including 3 emergency letters, when the North Pole mail just doesn’t make it back to you in time.


And before you put pen to paper, our friend Rochelle tells us how to write a mindful letter to Santa. It’s a great way to have kids be present when they ask Jolly Ol’ St. Nick for presents!


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2 thoughts on “Letters to Santa – Important Dates For Parents!”

  1. My baby 19 months old wrote a letter to Santa clause we didn’t put a stamp on the envelope because it’s not required, we put a return adresse but his letter was returned to us, can you tell me why is that?

    P.S. Broken hearted

    1. Sorry, I have no idea. Did you write that it was a letter to Santa? With the mailing address as above? Was the letter opened then returned or just returned?

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