Dance, Gymnastics and Cheer Programs in Hamilton

Do you have a kiddo with lots of energy and team spirit? Are you looking for children’s dance classes, cheer programs or gymnastics classes in Hamilton? Welcome to the hub for dance, cheer, gymnastics and tumbling classes near Hamilton! “Flip” through our directory to find top-notch programs that promise to ignite your child’s passion and energy while keeping them active and smiling.

Discover the best cheerleading, dance studios, and gymnastics programs for kids in the Hamilton area with our comprehensive directory. Find the perfect fit to keep your child active, engaged, and having fun. Classes offer both a recreational and competitive option and are great activities for all age groups.

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Cheer, Gymnastics or Kids Dance Class Near Me: How Do They Differ?

Dance, cheer, and gymnastics are excellent activities that develop skills like coordination and athleticism through movement. Each has its own distinct characteristics:

  1. Dance: Dance is a performing art form characterized by purposefully selected sequences of creative movement. Children’s dance classes near me include a wide range of dance styles such as ballet classes, contemporary, jazz, hip hop classes, tap classes, and many others. Dance often involves storytelling, rhythm, music, and choreography to convey emotions, ideas, and narratives.
  2. Cheer: Cheerleading is a team activity that combines elements of dance, gymnastics, and stunts. It originated as a way to support sports teams and has evolved into a competitive sport of its own. Cheerleaders perform synchronized routines that include jumps, tumbling, chants, cheers, and sometimes acrobatic stunts. Cheerleading requires teamwork, coordination, strength, and flexibility.
  3. Gymnastics: Gymnastics is a sport that involves performing sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, and grace. Styles include artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, and acrobatic gymnastics. Artistic gymnastics involves equipment such as the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor, while rhythmic gymnastics focuses on graceful movements with hand apparatus like ribbons and hoops. Trampoline involves acrobatic moves on a trampoline, and acrobatic gymnastics features routines with partner or group balances, flips, and tosses.

While all three activities involve movement and athleticism, dance emphasizes expressive movement and choreography, cheer combines dance with chants and stunts, and gymnastics focuses on performing precise movements and routines on various apparatus.

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Dance Schools, Gymnastics and Cheer Programs in Hamilton

Stagecoach Performing Arts, Hamilton East
Stagecoach Camps are a week-long adventure in musical theatre exploration! All campers have the chance to sing, dance, and act, while diving into creative themes, trying out a variety of games and activities, and learning to express themselves in new ways. Our camps build confidence, foster meaningful friendships, and allow kids to step into the spotlight and shine! No experience necessary, Stagecoach Camps provide a safe space for kids to take risks and explore. We have three week-long sessions to choose from - with our regular full days for older students and a half day option for our junior campers!! Our weeks will be filled with arts, crafts, games, drama, music and creativity all day long. Plus, at the end of each week families and friends are invited to join us for a performance created by and starring our awesome campers! Make memories & build skills that'll last a lifetime. Come spend the summer with us.
Defining Movement Dance
Hamilton’s only Hip-Hop & Street Dance-focused dance program, where students of all ages have the opportunity to learn about the foundations, the culture, and its history. Dance classes for kids ages 4 and older.
Elev8 Dance
Classes for kids and adults in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, and acro. Kids’ classes start at 4 years old. 
Hamilton Gymnastic Academy
Offers a wide range of classes for all ages starting as early as 12 months. Their programs include basic tumbling, floor work, balance beam, trampoline and vaulting.
Jumpsations Jump Rope Club
We offer recreational and competitive jump rope programs for local residents. As part of our community-based philosophy, we also perform demonstrations at local events as well as at businesses and schools.
Not Just Another Dance Studio
In Hamilton and Ancaster offers a variety of classes for kids of all abilities for ages 18 months through adult in Creative Movement, Pre-Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Acro, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop/Jazz Funk, Hip Hop/Street Dance and Musical Theatre. Camps ages 4+
Passion To Fitness
Offers kids gymnastics, dance, cheer and ninja warrior classes to kids from pre-school age through adult. 
Prestige Circus Gym
Gymnastics, aerial, circus tumbling, and more.
Waterdown Dance
Waterdown Dancers Inc. is a dance studio located in Waterdown, Ontario. We offer the very best in Kids and Teen dance classes and private lessons.
World Class Gymnastics
Offers a wide range of classes for all ages starting as early as 2 years old. Their programs include floor work, balance beam, uneven bars, trampoline and vaulting.
Zacada Circus School
Circus performance training and recreational circus classes. The classes offered are acro gymnastics, aerials, trampoline, trapeze, tight rope and more. The Circus Cubs is a program offered for children 2-5 years of age. Camps are 6+

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