Centreville – A Full Day of Toronto Adventure For Families

Centreville Amusement Park in Toronto is over 50 Years Old! Can you believe it has been around that long? This Centre Island amusement park is as awesome – or more – than you remember.

I hadn’t been to Centre Island since I was a kid, so I was thrilled to go back with my mom and my own kids, and the day was even more fantastic than I expected.

Our day started off with a thrill, because my kids love riding the GO Train, and because Kids GO Free, I love it too! We boarded at Burlington Station and made our way to Union, where we met Grandma. The short 5-minute walk from Union Station to Jack Layton Ferry Terminal is easy and full of big-city sights and sounds, but the Ferry ride to Centre Island is the absolute best. It’s only about 10 minutes long, but that’s way too short. The sights are stunning and the lake breeze is so fresh and invigorating. My kids loved it and I snapped so many pictures.

Toronto Island Ferry Centrville Centre Island Active Parents

Taking The Ferry To Centre Island Is One of The Best Parts

The best advice I can give you for this leg of our journey is to pre-buy your ferry tickets. The lines to buy at the terminal were long, and we walked up to the ticket gate like Beyonce – immediate access y’all! But don’t stress, everyone gets a seat, which seems impossible, but we were the last 4 on a return ferry, and we still got seats. Perfection.

Toronto Island Ferry Centrville Centre Island Active Parents
All smiles on the ferry to Centre Island

The Rides at Centreville Amusement Park

Once we got to Centre Island, we let the kids take the wheel! My mom is one of those “Yes” Grandmas, and she lets her grandbabies do what they want, so the girls grabbed a map of the park and planned our (less than efficient) route to their favourite rides. The first stops were the Bumble Bee Ride and the classic Antique Cars. What’s your favourite ride?

Toronto Island Ferry Centrville Centre Island Active Parents

Eventually, I got to pick a ride, and you know I choose the iconic Sky Ride! The cable cars take you on a quiet, birds-eye-view ride over the top of the entire amusement park. It’s a perfect way to point out all the great spots you still have to check out, and to catch some more Lake Ontario views, too. As you can see, Grandma loved it!

Toronto Island Ferry Centrville Centre Island Active Parents

The girls rode almost every ride in the park, some multiple times! The lineups were quick, the longest we waited was about 9 minutes for the Toronto Island Mine Coaster, one of the most popular rides at the park. My kids are 9 and 11, but they’re short, and they didn’t need an adult to ride with them on anything they went on. Centreville’s website lists every ride and the age/height requirements, so you can see what your kiddos can go on alone, and when you’ll need to ride shotgun.

Toronto Island Ferry Centrville Centre Island Active Parents

The Splash Pad at Centre Island Centreville

No matter your age or height, you’re going to love the spray pad Water Play! The girls loved sitting in the Muskoka chairs in the misting section and, like all kids, ran around trying to guess which water jets would be the next to fire out water. Water Play was great for all ages, we saw babies being walked by their parents, and big kids like mine cooling off. Event grandparents loved it when the temps were high!

Toronto Island Ferry Centrville Centre Island Active Parents

What Rides Are At Centreville?

Because of the high amount of rain we’ve had this spring, the train, bumper boats, swans, and ponies were closed, but to be honest, my kids didn’t notice much. They wanted to do the bumper boats, but they were more than happy to move on to the next ride. Check their Centreville website before you head out, they have a scrolling ticker at the top with their hours and any ride closures and park updates you’ll need to know. Thank you, Centreville for hosting us!

How Much is Centreville?

To visit Centreville you will need to pay for 2-3 things: your GO Train ticket, your ferry ride to Centre Island and your park admission. Take advantage of the online discount and skip the line at Centreville when you buy your tickets in advance! Each Pass entitles one individual to enjoy unlimited rides for the day. There are height restrictions in place for various rides. Each ride also takes tickets, which you can see info on here.

GO Train Fares:

Adult return ticket from Burlington to Union GO is about $14.00, teens are less, and children under 12 ride free. If you’re coming in from Hamilton, your fare will be a few dollars more, and from Oakville a few dollars less. You can see your exact fare here on the GO Train fare calculator.

2022 Centreville Online Day Pass Prices:

Under 4′   = $28.98 +tax
Over 4′     = $38.05 +tax

Toronto Island Ferry Prices:

You can also buy your Toronto Island ferry tickets in advance. Adults are $8.70, kids under 14 are $4.10 and youth 14-19 are $5.60 with ID

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