French Classes, Enrichment Programs for Kids

Kids are like sponges, they say, so why not fill that sponge with all of the knowledge it can hold? Our guide helps you find programs and classes to enrich your child’s learning and growth in language and other areas. We list classes for learning new languages, such as French or Spanish, and for improving academic subjects.

In this guide, you will find:

What Are The Benefits of Enrichment Classes?

Participating in language and enrichment classes can significantly benefit adolescents. These classes foster cognitive development, enhancing problem-solving skills, memory retention, and creativity. For instance, the process of acquiring a new language encourages multitasking abilities and increases neural adaptability.

Language courses also promote cultural awareness and global comprehension, instilling values of tolerance and empathy. Adolescents gain exposure to diverse perspectives and traditions, nurturing open-mindedness and a broader worldview. Language acquisition equips them with practical advantages, such as increased employability in our interconnected world and improved communication skills across borders.

Additionally, enrichment classes spanning arts, sciences, and technology expand horizons, allowing students to explore their passions beyond traditional subjects. Engaging in these courses not only equips them with important life skills but also improves their overall educational experience.

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French Classes, Language Programs and Enrichment Classes For Kids

Brain Power
Brain Power Enrichment Programs offers after-school academic enrichment classes for high-potential students in Grades 1-12. Classes to choose from include Language Arts, Math & Problem Solving, and Public Speaking. Classes are offered on evenings and weekends in Oakville this fall at Appleby College. Brain Power's small-group classes are often led by PhD instructors, who are experts in their fields. Build your child's critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills by enrolling in after-school enrichment programming. Book your free Language Arts or Math assessment today with a member of Brain Power's admissions team. Call 905-303-5457 or email [email protected]. A full schedule of classes can be found at
OAKLearning Centre
OAKLearning Center is a premier supplementary learning center in Oakville. We provide enriched learning and tutoring for all school subjects and robotic learning programs for k-12 students. We strive to inspire students’ curiosity and strengthen students’ core academic skills. Just like in sports, academic success requires only two ingredients – individualized learning and regular practice. We always focus on delivering the best learning results for each individual student by matching students with the most suitable materials and most compatible teachers.
483 Dundas St. W., #215, Oakville, L6M 1L9
BrightSparkz Tutors Canada
BrightSparkz is not just a tutoring company - we're a proudly female-led and female-run learning company! An extremely dedicated group of individuals striving to provide Canadian families with exceptional learning support services and attracting and training tutors of exceptional quality.
Les Petites Pommes
Award-winning Les Petites Pommes specializes in creating programming and a curriculum that helps students learn and practice French.
MakerKids Oakville
Award-winning robotics, coding and Minecraft after-school programs, camps and parties.
Maleta Books
Offers a variety of programs in Spanish. Check out their Spanish book club, music and violin lessons, plus language programs for preschool-aged kids. 
Summit Ridge Academy
Teacher founded and run tutoring agency, providing group or one-to-one individualized, strategic and engaging programming for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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