Small Businesses: Survive, Then Thrive

Business has changed overnight, and we know how to keep you top of mind with customers while showing you’re in touch with the current climate. We can get through this together, with a little effort and by easily pivoting our business plans.


Be Social

Be present and active on your social media pages. And I don’t mean posting your own marketing materials once a day. This is a time to ENGAGE with your followers and your soon-to-be followers in your location. Hop onto Instagram and search up the location hashtags like #BurlOn #Hamont and #oakvilleontario and CONNECT with people. Like and comment on their posts, offer a compliment and a few nice words.



I know we are used to promoting our own offerings whether that be products or services, but we need to step back slightly and refocus for the time being.


Share Your Skills

Everyone has something they can offer, especially at a time like this. Artists, gyms, fitness camps, sports camps, everyone! Reach out and I will give you some ideas at no charge! I’m here to be a helper when helpers are needed most. Want to see some examples? The Common Moms are hosting morning circle times on Instagram, and The Yogashala Waterdown and Roseland Health & Fitness are sharing yoga classes online for their client sand their community.


Ideas to Keep Your Busines Social

Show Up and Be Yourself – in the last week our family has hosted an Active Parents Pajama Party and it was very well received by families! Families are looking for ways to see real people doing real things in their daily lives. Share some pictures of how your family is making the best of this current situation. Are you playing in nature? Getting in some home-schooling? Baking or cooking together? Share it!


Host a Q&A Session – post on your Facebook or Instastories and ask readers for their questions, then answer them. Super easy and great for engagement. People want to interact, so why not interact with you? I jumped on Facebook live last night just to see how everyone was holding up, and I had 1,300 views and over 130 comments! Not bad for spur-of-the-moment.


Host a Contest or Challenge – Make up a bingo or scavenger hunt graphic and share it so folks at home can play along with you. Ask them to enter by tagging you and sharing their pictures on social media. Parents love having one more trick in their “forced staycation” collection. Need help with this? Let’s talk.


Small Business Shout Outs – Did you hit a delicious drive-thru? Tell people. Did you grab some kitchen staples at a local market? Tell people. Love that new book you just got delivered? Tell people. And when you tell people, tag them and spread the love!



This is the time to show your support and love for your customers. Be there for them now, and they’ll be there for you when the dust settles.



If this sounds daunting to you, and you’d like some help, reach out. I can support your vision, create your social media plan, and event manage this segment for the short or long term. I’m a helper, and this is my wheelhouse!

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