Advertising with Active Parents

Gone are the days where you’d pull out the ol’ YellowPages to see what’s in your area. Parents today are online, savvy, and we’re social. We want things fast, and we don’t want to have to click around to find what we’re looking for. ActiveParents is every parents’ one-stop website to find everything a family needs. Looking for something to do this afternoon? Need to plan for summer camps? Want to shop at a local business? Find out where kids eat free tonight? Or are you starting to plan the next birthday party? It’s all here, all on ActiveParents.

Our readers are engaged, web-smart parents and extended family who play a big role in kids’ lives. They come to ActiveParents knowing our content is local and trustworthy, and therefore relevant to them. We are the best at what we do because we are also parents, who are active and engaged with our families and out communities. We’ve been to the places we recommend, and we know what families are looking for, so we give them what they want.

A Week of Fun That Won’t Leave You Broke!

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