This Is Why Your Social Media is Dying

It’s got to be that new algorithm, right? Or that Reels are the only content people are being shown, right?

Meh, that’s only half of the problem.

The real reason that your social media is dying is that you forgot you need to be SOCIAL.

I love a Content Scheduler as much as anyone, but you can’t just “set it and forget it” and expect it to grow.

Social media – especially Instagram, loooves when you engage OUT. What does that mean? Show some love to other accounts. Hearts, likes, and comments are free, and they’re bottomless, so spread them around like butter, baby!

When you couple a content strategy, authentic engagement, and consult your analytics, great things happen.

That Sounds Like a Full-Time Job!

Well, it can be at first, but I can help set you up for success. I’ve grown Active Parents without buying followers, paying for likes, and using other shady practices I see out there. My community grows steadily because I’m always tapping into what they want. And I can help you do the same. Email me today.

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