5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Customers

Since March 2020, we have all been asked to pivot our businesses from the one direction we had charted to a completely new course. My business has always been digital, so I’ve always had to work hard to get attention and grow my audience online. Today I’m sharing some ideas I’ve seen work well, in the hope of inspiring you to connect more and easier with your audience of parents and kids.

Free and Easy Ways To Connect With Your Future Customers

Just Be There

Don’t let your social media accounts sit dormant. Ever. People are online more than they have ever been, and you can gain from this. Log in and start sharing, liking and commenting! Social Media isn’t social unless you’re engaging, too.

Make and Follow New Friends

Be social on social media! Now is the time to like and follow other small businesses, local attractions, your City and Regional pages, and more! They share great info, funny anecdotes and can even assist in helping you spread the word. Looking for recommendations? Just ask me.

Sharing is Caring

As you find new and notable pages to follow, don’t be shy about sharing their posts! On Instagram, make sure to share great stuff in your Instastories, and tag the page that you shared it from. I shared this great post from Wish and Give, and they, in turn, posted my share in their stories. This gets me in front of their followers. Always tag the business, it shows them you appreciate their content, and could land you a new follower or two each time.

Share Some Laughs

Did you know that when you share something great on Facebook, and people react to it (like a thumbs up, a laugh, or other reaction buttons) you can then INVITE those people to follow your page? I shared something extremely popular and gained over 100 new followers through those invites. Find a great post that resonates with your audience and share away. Perfect on a #funnyfriday or #tiptuesday and feel free to share anything Active Parents posts on Facebook or Instagram, too.

Learn From Other Businesses Successes

One of my faves to follow started a “get to know our staff” series. And looking at the increase in likes and comments they’re experiencing, their audience likes it too! Seeing real people humanizes businesses.

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Burlington has a great post thanking the connections they’ve made in the community. This is great for 3 reasons: you’re highlighting the out-of-the-box ways businesses can partner with you, they’ve tagged the businesses who they have partnered with which gives them a little boost, and they’re showing gratitude and appreciation – something everyone loves to see from businesses.

Here’s Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

Connect with 5 new accounts today – like/follow them, and show some love on their posts. Comment and share, too!

Take time – about 30 minutes – to be active on your social pages BEFORE and AFTER you post. This has been known to show that you’re an active account and to boost your post’s reach. And when folks leave you a comment, be sure to reply in a genuine and human manner.

Banish The Overwhelm

If this all sounds like too much, know that Active Parents can help! We have grown our social media pages to over 17,000 strong, and we never buy fake followers. We can help you connect in a way that makes your community WANT to follow and support you. And a connected audience is a client in the making. Reach out today and let’s talk about how Active Parents can help you jump start your social media presence with full management solutions, or a few simple training sessions.

Looking for more ways to grow your client list? Active Parents connects authentically with thousands of local parents every month, and we can introduce you to them! Find out more about our advertising here.

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